The Guide on How to Get Verified on TikTok 2024


TikTok, the fastest-growing video sharing platform, currently allows thousands of content creators to express their creativity on its platform.

All TikTok creators are currently divided into two groups - verified creators, and non-verified creators.

However, nearly everyone on TikTok’s network is currently chasing the high of getting viral videos, which will ultimately lead them to more likes, more followers, and you guessed it - the blue verified badge.

Since all other major social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, use the same method to differentiate between verified creators, TikTok is no different.

Due to the gravity of TikTok, it is quite difficult to make your video stand out, and from a sea full of never-ending content, the chances of your TikTok being the one that gets millions of views and likes are quite low.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done, and there are changes you can start implementing immediately to boost your TikTok account as soon as possible, and we have the tricks up our sleeve.

Therefore, if you’re one of those people that are constantly watching videos on TikTok, and you at least once thought, ‘I could do this too’, we got news - you can.

Dive into this article, and check out our tips and tricks on how to get verified on TikTok in 2022.


What does TikTok Verified mean?

The TikTok verified badge is usually given by default to celebrities, brands, and popular creators from other big social media platforms.

However, what makes TikTok stand out is that on this platform, as opposed to all others, everyone who constantly delivers engaging content can get to having a verified account.

Contrary to other social media platforms, TikTok gives verification badges to users that have a high chance of being copied, meaning the content you post needs to be creative and engaging in order to join the ‘verified’ group.

Once your account gets verified, your account will be protected from similar accounts that try to use the same or similar names, and your authenticity will be proven at all times. Also, having the blue checkmark will help you attract new TikTok users to your page.

Additionally, accounts that ultimately do get the verified badge, have sort of ‘prioritized’ content, meaning TikTok’s algorithm boosts verified content more than regular content.


Do verified accounts get paid?

Verified accounts tend to attract sponsorships more than non-verified accounts. However, TikTok doesn’t pay verified content creators. Even though TikTok does not make any sort of payments, verified creators on TikTok are highly supported by TikTok, which has a team dedicated to verifying and verified accounts.

Monetization on TikTok mainly works through LIVE videos - viewers send gifts, which ultimately are monetized.

Can you apply for verification on TikTok?

Unfortunately, you can’t.

As opposed to all other platforms where users can apply for the blue checkmark, TikTok does not have an ‘apply for verification’ feature, due to the fact that they have quite strict policies and guidelines on who gets the verified badge.

How many followers do you need to get a verified account on TikTok?

Unfortunately, there’s no set number that can be said to work the magic of getting verified. TikTok measures the importance and the gravity of each account based on metric growth and constant activity on each account.

Listed below are some TikTok criteria that may increase your chances of initiating the verification process:

  • Consistent followers growth: Accounts that gain followers constantly, ranging from 500-to 2,000 on a daily basis.
  • Watch time: Accounts whose watch time increases day by day.
  • Media coverage: Accounts belonging to people who tend to get featured on media platforms.
  • Viral content: Accounts whose content goes viral often.
  • Verified accounts on other major social media platforms: Users that are already verified across other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Can you buy the TikTok verification badge?

TikTok does not take any type of payments in order to make your account verified. In fact, TikTok takes care to make sure all their verified creators are truly unique, and that they deliver original content that constantly has the potential to go viral.

Additionally, a big number of scams surfaced on TikTok’s platform, where users claim to be able to take payments in order to make your account verified. Beware of these accounts, and bear in mind that no form of payment can make your account verified.

The only way to get verified on TikTok is by following their policies and guidelines, and by constantly delivering original content.

What does the verification process look like on TikTok?

As we mentioned, the verification on TikTok looks quite different from all other major platforms.

First, you can’t apply for the verification badge yourself. You need to wait for the TikTok team (yes, TikTok has a whole team dedicated to verifying accounts, and working with the already verified ones) to notice your account and content.

The verification process, however, hasn’t been made public by TikTok, and all that unverified users know about the verification process comes from either speculations, or from already verified accounts.

Luckily, those that did manage to get their accounts verified, have shared some tips and tricks on what seems to have worked for them, and how to get TikTok’s attention to get the blue tick.

What should you do to get verified faster?

You’ve probably noticed, as opposed to other social media apps, TikTok has a much bigger number of ‘regular’ non-celebrity people that are verified on the platform and are considered content creators.

This means that reaching the verified badge is not as hard as it is on Instagram, for example.

Therefore, if you’re constantly making original, fun, and innovative content on your page, you’ll be moving in the right direction towards getting the blue checkmark on your TikTok account.

Things you can do to get closer to getting verified

We’re sure your content is already fun and engaging, but we have some insights about what you could do to get your chances even higher getting verified:

  1. Producing original content

Usually, most of TikTok’s non-celebrity verified content creators had their own niche that they followed, and it ultimately got them noticed by TikTok’s team.

Since, unfortunately, there’s not a single shortcut that may help you get the badge faster, you’re going to have to bring out your creativity to play with all videos you post on your TikTok page.

Even though going viral or not going viral is completely out of your control, the best you can do is offer the audience you reach original and engaging content, which will leave them wanting more.

According to user reports (and us being TikTok users), videos from creators that do go viral nearly always mean their page will be opened.

If you do get a single viral video, your number of followers will rise, and people will open your account to check out if you have other relatable videos.

Hence, you would want users that do ultimately end up on your page not to feel disappointed you only had a single entertaining video.

  1. Using higher-quality equipment

If you get the chance, try filming your TikToks with higher-quality cameras. This makes users pay more attention to the video from the very beginning, and that’s exactly what you need - a hook.

Often when a sound is trending on TikTok, a funny video trend is behind it. When this happens, a big number of users just click the sound and enter a never-ending stream of videos with a similar context. Try using trending sounds, since this will help users see your videos more in case TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t place your video on their FYP.

  1. Paying attention to details

Once you start filming, make sure to have good lighting and a good background. Videos that are filmed in untidy rooms, or have bad lighting will make it harder for users to find them relatable and engage with them. Try filming either in daylight, or try using a ring light. If you don’t own one, don’t worry - there are fake ‘white ring light’ videos on YouTube that will give you more or less the same effect.

  1. Editing the videos

TikTok’s built-in editor has limited editing options. Try researching some other video-editing apps to make your videos look better, and more aesthetically pleasing. A little bit of YouTube research on how to edit TikToks, and how to do cool transitions will lead you a long way.

  1. Engaging and collaborating with other TikTokers

A big number of TikTok content creators got popular as duos or trios. TikTokers that engage with each other tend to go viral more due to the simplest reason - it makes the ‘viewers’ side of TikTok relate to them more since it helps them to perceive creators as real, natural people.

As a matter of fact, back in 2019, TikTok’s most-watched creators joined forces when the ‘Hype House’ was created, which ultimately led them to reach millions more followers on their accounts.

Try filming with friends, or make friends on TikTok, and film together.

Note: Make sure to stay safe if you wish to film videos with other TikTokers, research the meet-up spots, and make sure your first meet is in a crowded public space. Do not endanger yourself and your safety for a viral TikTok!

  1. Creating unique content

Make sure not to copy users that have already found their niche, and have gotten quite popular with it. We understand the ‘how didn’t I think of that’ frustration, but this will hardly get you the verified badge. If you like someone’s content that much, and you feel like you could easily do what they’re doing, try doing something in the same sphere - but do not copy them!

  1. Getting some media coverage

This one might sound a little difficult, but if you have some friends that work in some sort of media - time to call in for a favor.

Make sure your content gets noticed, and since you’ve probably decided what your niche will be at this point, it’s time to get some media coverage.

You can also consider joining some public projects and events, which might ultimately get you some media coverage.

  1. Trustworthiness

Let’s say you decide your niche should be giving car or make-up advice. Never use false information; this will make you lose all credibility you might have reached until that moment, and the ‘cancel culture’ in the online world is stricter and more judgemental than you can imagine.

  1. Getting verified across other platforms

If your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages already have a bigger number of followers, you can use this as leverage to apply for verification and make sure you have connected that account to your TikTok account.

Once you get verified on other social media platforms, getting the verified badge on TikTok will come much easier than anticipated.

  1. Getting more followers

We know it’s not as simple as it sounds, but posting regularly, keeping your niche, and interacting with comments on your posts will surely bring more attention to your page.

Bear in mind that metrics are crucial to TikTok’s team when you get noticed, and when your ‘verification destiny’ comes into question. As we mentioned, according to several sources, 500-2,000 new daily followers will solve your verification issues quite easily.

  1. Increasing your watch time

This one belongs to the metrics section as well. However, an important note that you need to keep in mind is that users engage more with videos that seamlessly loop. Make sure to create content that can be watched over and over, in order to trigger TikTok’s algorithm.

Note: TikTok will count the looping video while users are scrolling through the comment section, which is why it’s important to engage with users that comment on your videos.

  1. Follow TikTok’s policies and guidelines

Your posts cannot violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Make sure not to get reported videos, and to not be offensive to other users’ videos. This will surely get you banned, and all the progress you’ve made so far will be gone with the wind.

Additionally, don’t get jealous when other people go viral and manage to get verified - engage with their content, since a verified creator might notice your comment, and stitch or duet your video, which might bring more traffic to your page as well!

Wrapping up

Getting verified on any social media platform is truly difficult, especially if you’re not a celebrity. However, since TikTok skyrocketed to the top of the list of the most famous apps, a big number of regular, normal people became verified across multiple platforms, not just TikTok.

Therefore, follow the guidelines we talked about above, and work hard to ultimately reach your goal of getting verified on TikTok’s services.