How to See Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

Written by Ivana Kotorchevikj Social Media / Instagram

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You can still see someone's birthday, although Instagram doesn't show it

To see your friend's birthday on Instagram:

  • Check their Instagram bio

  • Explore the posts on their profile

  • Check their Story Highlights

Social media platforms offer an easy and fun way to learn what’s going on in your friends’ lives, including important dates such as their birthdays. Whether you want to send your friend a message wishing them a happy birthday or you just want to make sure you don’t forget their birthday, in this post, we’ll answer the question of how to see someone’s birthday on Instagram.

How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram

When you are creating your Instagram account, Instagram asks you to add your birthday. However, this information is not publicly displayed to other users, unlike other social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat or even LinkedIn.

Although this might be great for you if you don’t want to reveal personal information, it’s a bit of a nuisance when you are trying to see someone else’s birthday on Instagram.

However, even though Instagram doesn't show people’s birthdays, there are some ways you can find someone’s birthday.

  1. Check their Instagram bio

If you scroll through a dozen of Instagram profiles, you might notice that at least some of them have added their birthdays in their bio just like a date, a zodiac sign next to their birthday or a cake emoji 🎂 next to the date of birth.

If you go to their profile and you see your friend’s birthday in their bio - you are a lucky one and don’t need to look any further.

Birthday added in Instagram bio

However, if they haven’t added their birthday in their bio, try some of the other methods below.

  1. Explore the posts on their profile

If you didn’t find a person’s birthday in their bio, the next place you can look is in their posts on their profile.

Instagram users, even those that are not posting that much, usually have at least one photo on their birthday, either celebrating with friends and family, cutting a cake or in a birthday outfit. And the photos are usually posted on the day of their birth.

birthday post on Instagram

If you don’t see any birthday posts on their profile feed, you might also check their tagged posts in case some of their friends have tagged them in a photo for their birthday.

Note: Some users post photos 1-2 days after their birthday. So make sure you also check the comments below the photo before you get an idea about the date.

How to see someone's birthday on Instagram

  1. Check their Story Highlights

If you didn’t manage to find anything associated with their birthday in the posts on their Instagram profile, you might also check their Story Highlights if they have any.

Some people are more of a Story person and they may have shared Stories from their birthday, and then put them in Highlights. If their birthday is coming up, they may also include a birthday countdown on their Story, which would be super easy for you to know when the exact date is.

How to tell if the person is a Story person? They usually have 3-5 posts on their profile, but frequently upload stories, whether it’s pictures, selfies or videos. This kind of people like to capture spontaneous moments in their Stories instead of documenting them in permanent posts.

birthday shared in Story Highlights

Also, many of these users like to create highlights of stories from dear memories. So it’s likely you would find a highlight with their birthday.

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