Fix: Why Can't I Post On My Instagram Story 2024

Instagram has added a number of features that improve the user experience as the platform is constantly growing.

However, some errors or problems could cause the application to stop working.

The uploading of stories is one of them. Sometimes, no matter how many times Instagrammers try to upload something, they may still run into problems.

But every defect can be repaired, and if you have these problems, you can attempt several different solutions, most of which have been proven to be completely effective.

You can use these techniques to attempt to fix the issue, and they most often occur because of application or network issues.

The fixing methods listed below are rather straightforward approaches to the problem, so you don't need much technical expertise to solve it.

If you have issues with sharing content to your Instagram Stories, you’ll be glad to hear you’re not alone. Find out why this feature might not be functioning on your Instagram account.

Why Can’t I Post on My Instagram Story?

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

When there is a connectivity problem, it's possible that you won't be able to load specific features and that the application's core functionality will also be disabled.

You should check your network settings because it can be either a slow or inactive connection.

This should be one of your first go-to solutions when attempting to resolve a problem with any application that needs the Internet to function properly.

You should check your device's settings to see if you are using data or Wi-Fi. Try unplugging from both of them and then reconnecting, as well.

Method 2: Update the Instagram App

Applications with outdated versions cause a number of issues.

App developers often update the software to fix previous flaws and glitches.

Therefore, there is a high chance that you are experiencing those errors and malfunctions if you are still using the older version of the application.

You can look up the application's most recent version in the App Store or Google Play.

Method 3: Restart the Instagram App

If you checked for new Instagram updates, and there aren’t any, you should restart the Instagram app. This method will be most functional for iOS users since iOS does not have a clear data/clear cache feature as Android devices have.

Too many apps running in the background can cause all sorts of errors and glitches, so make sure to remove Instagram from running in the background, and launch the app again to check if the problem persists.

Method 4: Clear Cache On Android

Every device saves data and cache locally, which results in full storage as well.

This could occasionally lead to glitching of the device and issues with programs. The speed of the devices starts to slow down if there is an excessive amount of cache and data from several applications.

However, since clearing cache memory is a feature only available for Android devices, this method is for Android users only.

To clear cache, open Settings > Apps > Instagram > Memory/Storage > Clear Cache.

Method 5: Posting the Story from Camera Roll

If no fixing method seems to be resolving the issue of Instagram Story not posting, you can try posting your IG stories directly from your Camera Roll.

There might be some bugs and glitches that have temporarily disabled the stories on Instagram, so you can launch your Camera Roll, find the photo/video you wish to add to your story, click on 'Share', and click on 'Share to Instagram Stories'.

Following these steps will automatically open the Instagram app, and the photo/video should show up on the 'Story' screen.

Many Instagram users prefer this method of posting, especially since you can swipe through multiple photos, and choose the one you like the most easily.

Method 6: Fixing Incorrect Device Time And Date

Automatic date and time updates can cause all sorts of issues. Make sure to double-check your phone settings, since traveling and changing time zones or time formats even, might be what has caused the problem.

If you notice anything being off, set the correct time and date, this should fix the problem with your device, and, ultimately, fix Instagram not posting stories.

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Smartphones are bound to glitch, have bugs, and display errors every once in a while. However, issues such as this one are not uncommon, and many Instagrammers face them on a daily basis.

In this article, we covered six different fixing methods to answer your question - ‘Why can’t I post on my Instagram Story?’

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