The Best Lenses on Snapchat 2024

Key Takeaways

The best Snap Lenses - Windows Media, Mom Cockroach, MacBook Photobooth, Spider, and five more Lenses are listed in this article. 

One of the most popular social media platforms - Snapchat, launched one of its newer addition to the already existing filters, the Snapchat Lenses.

The Lenses are augmented reality - which stands for an interactive experience of a real-world environment, in which the objects are modified or enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

With Snapchat’s newest addition - the Snaplenses, they are able to modify their own appearance or the surroundings. On Snapchat, there currently are two different types of lenses - face lenses, and world lenses.

Snapchat has always been one of the most innovative social media platforms - especially if we take into consideration that Snap was the first platform to implement disappearing messages, as well as the ‘My Story’ feature which allows users to upload photos/videos that will disappear after 24h.

Hence, if you’re wondering how to use the Snapchat Lens, or which are the best Lenses on Snapchat currently, you're in the right place. In the article below, we’ll give you the names of the most popular lenses that are trending on Snapchat in 2022.

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Which are the best Snapchat Lenses?

Before we initiate the process of explaining the best Snapchat lenses, you should know that Snapchat filters and lenses have two different types of photo-adjusting features.

The Snapchat Lenses add animations to your selfies since they’re AR enhancements. For example, if you use the Snapchat butterfly lens, it will show adjustments to your face, eyes, and cheeks, with additional butterflies flying around your head.

Luckily, the Butterflies lens is not the only one available, so check out the best trending Snapchat lenses available on the Snapchat app in the list below:

  1. Windows Media - by Vigo

The Windows Media lens transforms your background into the Windows XP famous meadow, while your photo is taken inside the Windows Media Player. This lens is surely one of the most fun, especially since it brings back memories from a while ago.


  1. Mom Cockroach - by Phil Walton

If you have some buddies that hate bugs, cockroaches especially - you’ve hit the jackpot. This lens transforms the background into a dirty, old, rusty wall, while your face is adjusted to a cockroach wearing glasses! This lens has a funny twist, and users love it.


  1. MacBook Photobooth - by zsombi <3

If you owned a MacBook back in the early 2010s, you surely remember how quirky and trendy it was to post photos using the MacBook photobooth. This lens is used a lot by Snapchat users, especially since the feature is widely used for the #throwback trend.


  1. Spider - by Snapchat

For all the spider lovers out there, Snapchat has you covered! Even though a big share of the trending and popular lenses are created by other users, there are many that are made by Snapchat. Well, the Spider lens is one of them, and if you like taking a photo with a 3D spider running around on your face - this lens is the perfect one for you.


  1. Graduation Party - by SavageNewsFurkan

If you recently graduated, or you’re feeling nostalgic for your college days, there’s a Snapchat lens for that too. The Graduation Party lens puts a graduation cap on your head, and while the lens is on - if you open your mouth, confetti starts showing up on the screen! Lots of fun, right?


  1. Gum Lens - by Snapchat

This is another Snapchat-made lens and besides the fun bubblegum popping AR, the lens makes adjustments to your lips, and freckles, and smoothes out your face in general.


  1. My Twin Lens - by Snapchat

The My Twin Lens was among the first lens that was launched by Snapchat, and what it does is, transforms a man’s face into a woman’s - hence, the ‘My Twin’ name. If you were ever curious about what your twin sister would look like, now you can find out quite easily.


  1. Egg Faces - by Chris Higa

The Egg Faces Lens is one of the goofier lenses, which puts your face on the eggs within an egg carton. If you feel like having some fun and sending funny photos to your Snap buddies, this is the perfect lens.


  1. Laser Eyes - by Sean

Have you ever gotten so mad, that you felt like lasers were shooting out of your eyes? If you know the feeling, Snapchat has a lens created by Sean, that represents this exact feeling. What the lens looks like is quite self-explanatory, so open Snapchat, and give it a shot!


Wrapping up

Snapchat Lenses are a fun way to show your friends your goofy side and play around with the fun side of social media platforms.

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