Twitch Prime Sub Not Showing (How to Fix It)

You get frustrated when you see that your Twitch Prime Sub is not working, and you’ve come a long way in finding someone you like to subscribe to, but Twitch does not let you subscribe.

You are not alone in this, and many users had also reported that when they tried clicking on the Subscribe button option, the subscription wasn’t going through.

If this is something you have experienced so far, keep reading to find out how to fix it.

Important Note: If you are using an Amazon Prime free account as a student member offering a 30-day free trial or 6-month free Prime, you won’t be able to access Twitch Prime.

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Why is my Twitch Prime Sub not working?

Your Twitch Prime subscription might not be working if you are on Prime as an invitee on a Prime Household account. However, if this is not the case with you, other things cause it not to work; lousy Internet connection, you might have signed up in the wrong country region, your device might be facing some internal software glitches, your browser is full of corrupted cache data, etc.

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Potential fixes to solve the issue with Twitch Prime Sub not working

Fix No.1 Check to see if your Twitch account isn’t an Amazon household invitee

A Prime Invitee is someone who has access to Amazon Prime as part of an Amazon Household account. Also, an invitee won’t have access to Twitch Prime as it is exclusive to Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime members only. So, you need to either sign up for Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime account and remove yourself from the Household account.

Fix No.2 Check to see if your Prime membership hasn’t expired

Perhaps your Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime membership was recently renewed, and if that is the case, you should check your Prime membership status to be sure that you are still an Amazon Prime member.

Fix No.3 Check and confirm your payment status

Ensure that your account is a paid subscription. Usually, users set an auto-debit feature for future monthly payments, but somehow, they cannot access their accounts. Maybe, the transaction payment did not go through, and the subscription wasn’t renewed as planned.

Fix No. 4 Restart your router and your router

It can be that the problem lies in your router because, as you know, most of us leave our routers in our homes all the time, and they rely on constant network connections.

Also, reboot your device - simply restart the device you are using, Twitch, wait for a couple of minutes, and reload Twitch to see if the problem is still present.

Fix No. 5 Log out and re-login to Twitch

If none of the fixes mentioned so far worked out for you, you can also try logging out of your Twitch account and re-log into it to check if the problem is solved.

Fix No.6 Clear your router’s and browser’s cache and cookies

This fix is a must-try and can solve many issues with your Twitch Prime sub not working, meaning issues like corrupted data.

Fix No.7 Contact customer service

Suppose nothing solves your problem with the Twitch Prime sub not working. In that case, you should contact Twitch Prime Customer Service or Amazon Customer Service and explain the problem, so they give you further assistance on the subject matter.

Fix No.8 Make sure you sign up in the correct country or region

Twitch Prime sub won’t work if you have signed up for the service using the wrong country or region website.

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