How to Turn Off Apple Watch Light

Written by Tijana Kargovska Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch has green lights on the back, and a lot of users don’t know why the lights are there.

According to Apple, the main reason why there are green lights on the back is that the light is actually used to measure heart rate. These lights are a part of all Apple Watch series.

The Apple Watch uses these green lights to measure the amount of blood flow and uses it to give feedback with its detailed insights. Disabling the green light means you will turn off the heart rate sensor completely from your device.

Besides the green LED light that occasionally shows up on the back of the Apple Watch, there are several different features that seem to be misinterpreted, such as the red light on the screen of the smartwatch, which does nothing more than simply notify the user that a new notification has been received.

The Apple Watch is the perfect choice for all iPhone users, which is why so many devices have been sold.

However, even though there are many useful tricks available on the Apple Watch, there are some that can be confusing, or users simply wish to turn it off.

Check out the steps below to turn off the green light on the Apple Watch.

How do I turn off the Apple Watch green light?

In order to turn off the green light on the Apple Watch, you’ll need to completely disable the heart rate measuring feature. As we mentioned above, the only purpose of the green light is to measure the blood flow, which is converted into a heart rate measurement afterward.

The heart rate measuring feature might come in handy if you use the Apple Watch while exercising. Turning it off means a section of your workout measurements will be missing.

However, if you decide to proceed to turn the feature off, follow these steps:

  1. On your Apple Watch, open ‘Settings’, and tap on ‘Privacy’.
  2. Here, tap on ‘Health’, and find the ‘Heart Rate’ feature. Toggle the button next to the feature to turn it off.

After finishing these steps, you’ll turn off the heart rate option completely from your Apple Watch. The smartwatch will be unable to track your heart rate further on.

Additionally, make sure to restart your watch after finishing these steps. Press and hold the side button and the digital crown simultaneously, until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

Wrapping up

The green light on the back of the Apple Watch is quite handy, and it helps to give detailed insights about your health throughout the day.

However, if you decide to turn it off completely, you can do so by following the steps mentioned above.

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