How to Fix on Instagram 'Sorry We Couldn't Complete Your Request'

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Just like all other social media apps, Instagram has its fair share of errors. Users have reported experiencing 'Challenge required', ‘Couldn't load image, tap to retry’ and even ‘Instagram Reels not working’.

But, one of the most common errors displayed on Instagram is the ‘Sorry we couldn't complete your request' error message.

This error may be caused by several reasons, such as your account being suspended due to a violation of Instagram policies, server connectivity problems, wrong username and password, etc.

If you’ve got this error message, and you are looking for what it means and how to fix it, we’ve got the solutions for you.

In the article below, we’ve lined up all the ways you can fix the Instagram ‘Sorry we couldn't complete your request' issue.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

The first and most common reason for the ‘Sorry we couldn't complete your request' error message is poor internet connectivity.

Check if your mobile data connectivity is good and if you’ve turned it on. If your mobile data is on but the connection is still bad, make sure that you have not used all your data balance, or you may need to renew it.

If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure you are close to the router and in a good connection range.

Fix 2: Log in with your Facebook account

Another way to fix the issue is to sign in to Instagram with your Facebook account. For this, you first need to have your Facebook connected to your Instagram account:

  1. Open Instagram from a web browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts Center’.
  3. Follow the steps to unlink your Facebook from your Instagram account.
  4. Next, go to Apps in your phone’s settings, find Instagram and clear data from your Instagram app.
  5. Finally, log in to Instagram with your Facebook account again.

Fix 3: Restart your phone

Sometimes, restarting your phone is the simplest solution to tech issues with your phone and apps. Restart your phone by holding the power button and selecting ‘Restart’.

Restarting your phone turns off the network connection and makes a fresh connection before connecting to Instagram's servers. If this didn’t fix the issue, continue to the next step.

Fix 4: Update the Instagram app

The issue may arise because you are not using an up-to-date version of the app. To update Instagram:

  1. Go to the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Check for updates.
  3. If there are is an Instagram update available, tap on ‘Update

If there’s no update available, or you’ve updated the app and it didn’t fix the issue, continue to the next steps.

Fix 5: Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

Another method that can help you fix the "Sorry we couldn’t complete your request" error is to uninstall and then reinstall the Instagram app.

  1. Go to Settings, and then ‘Apps & notifications’ if you are using Android.
  2. Locate the Instagram app and tap ‘Uninstall’.
  3. Afterwards, go to the Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram.
  4. Tap on ‘Install’.

Fix 6: Temporarily disable your Instagram account

Temporarily disabling your account will remove the error and give you access to the app.

  1. Log in to Instagram from a computer browser. You can’t disable your account from the app,
  2. Go to your profile and click on ‘Edit Profile’.

Edit Profile

  1. Scroll down and click on ‘Temporarily disable my account’ at the bottom-right corner.

Temporarily disable my account

  1. Select a reason why you are disabling your account and re-enter your password.
  2. Then, click again on ‘Temporarily disable my account’.
  3. Wait 6-12 hours before you sign back into your account.
  4. After the time lapses, log into your account. You can also do it through the app.

This should remove the error and you should be able to log in to your account normally.

Fix 7: Clone your Instagram account

Another solution to the issue is cloning your account. You can do this with a third-party cloning Parallel Space app. The app allows you to use another instance of Instagram on your phone at the same time.

  1. Download and install the Parallel Space app.
  2. When downloaded, open the app and create an Instagram clone.
  3. A shortcut will appear on your Instagram home page.
  4. Open the clone to sign in to the account using your login credentials.
  5. You will be able to enter your Instagram account without issues.

Fix 8: Log in to Instagram from another device or a web browser

You may also try signing into Instagram from a different device. Try using another phone, tablet or a computer web browser.

This will help you figure out if the issue occurs only for your phone app. If you are able to access your Instagram account from a different device, it will rule out any problems with the Instagram server. However, if you are still unable to sign in to your account, check the next fix.

Fix 9: Check if Instagram servers are down

Instagram servers are usually reliable, but it can sometimes happen that they are down, which may be causing trouble with logging into your account.

Check Instagram’s official help page for any current issues and problems with their servers.

Fix 10: Change the IMEI number and Android ID (for rooted device)

You can try this approach if you are using Android and have previously rooted your Android device.

  1. First, uninstall the Instagram app from your Android phone.
  2. Then, change an IMEI number & Android ID of the mobile.
  3. Next, reboot your Android phone.
  4. After rebooting, reinstall the Instagram app.
  5. Now, you should be able to successfully sign in to your account.

Fix 11: Validate your account with the Instagram Help Center

If you’ve tried all the above fixes and nothing works, you may also try validating your account with the Instagram Help Center:

  1. Open the Instagram app, and instead of signing in, tap on the ‘Get help signing in’ on Android or ‘Forgotten password?’ on iPhone, or click on 'Forgot your password' from a computer browser.

Forgot your password

  1. You will be requested to provide your phone number.
  2. You’ll receive a ‘reset password’ message with a 6-digit security code as an SMS.
  3. Tap on the link and enter the 6-digit code.
  4. Next, click on ‘Verify your account’.
  5. After this, close the app.
  6. Finally, reopen the app and try to sign in.

Fix 12: Contact Instagram Support Center

If none of the above solutions worked, you can also consider contacting the Instagram Support center.

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Click on the three-line icon in the top-right and go to ‘Settings’.


  1. Go to ‘Help’ and choose ‘Report a problem’.


Tap on Report a Problem

  1. Describe your problem in the report.

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