How to Fix: Facebook Avatar Not Showing Up

Written by Tanja - Reviewed by Ivana Social Media / Facebook

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The Facebook Avatar feature was launched back in 2020. Since then, a lot of people have been enjoying it and are getting more and more creative by putting their avatars in FB comments, FB stories, and even in FB messenger.

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But, some users have reported that the Facebook Avatar feature doesn’t show up on their devices.

In this tutorial, we’ll share a few approaches that you can try and fix the issue when your Facebook avatar is not working.

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What is the Avatar feature on Facebook?

The Facebook Avatar was first rolled out in the US, and after that, it became available for all Facebook users worldwide. It allows users to get creative and make an animated version of themselves and use it later in stickers in the Facebook app.

They can share their created avatar with their FB friends on messenger, add it in the comment section on the FB app, and also post it in their Stories.

Why is my Facebook Avatar not showing up?

Some of the main reasons why your FB avatar does not appear on your app is because you probably haven’t updated the FB app on your smart device (iOS or Android) - update it to its latest version.

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How to fix when your FB Avatar is not showing up

  • Update the FB app on your smart device

The update is the first thing you should always do, and it is the most tried fix for almost all issues of similar character as this one. So, simply navigate to the Play Store/App Store to check if your FB and Messenger apps are up-to-date.

Then, of course, log out and log in again to see if this resolves the avatar not showing up.

  • Make sure that you are using the correct FB and Messenger apps

As a reminder for those that don’t know this, FB avatars are still not available on the Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite apps. So, you should always check first if you are using the official Facebook and Messenger apps.

  • Clear FB and Messenger cache

You should always clear the cache when you are having any app issues. Go to your device’s settings and find the applications menu > search for Facebook > clear cache. You should also do the same procedure as for FB Messenger.

  • Change the language settings in the FB app

A few users reported that changing the language of the FB app also worked to fix this issue. The logic behind this is that there are countries where the avatar feature is still not available - Brazil, Russia, China, etc.

Therefore, if the official language on your FB app is not English, you should change it to English only.

  • Use VPN to access the FB app

To some, the VPN option might seem like the most complicated one. However, most users reported success after placing it on their smart devices.

You can try the NordVPN, and here are the steps for successful installation of that:

  1. Download NordVPN and create an account there.
  2. Connect to NordVPN and change your location to the United States.
  3. Log out and then log back in on your Facebook account.
  4. Check to see if you have the avatar option available.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the FB and Messenger app

The last option you should try if nothing else worked out for you. So, consider uninstalling the Facebook and Messenger apps and reinstalling them once again.

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