How to Create Folders in Telegram?

Written by Emilija Anchevska Messaging

Twitter - 2 min read

Messenger apps can be the hectic place from time to time. Users are managing conversations with their friends, families, and colleagues. People talk about their birthdays, gatherings, events, and whatnot.

So, little order in the chaos of back-and-forth communication is always appreciated.

This is why one of the most popular messaging apps, Telegram, has a feature that enables users to group their conversions into chat folders, so they can have a better overview of the conversations they are having.

So, if you rely heavily on Telegram for your daily conversations, this feature can help you better manage and organize your conversions within the app.

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How to separate chats into folders in Telegram?

  1. Open the Telegram App on your phone and tap on ‘Settings
  2. Tap on ‘Chat Folders
  3. Tap on ‘Create new folder
  4. Enter ‘Folder name’, under the included chats section tap on the plus sign to add chats that will appear in this folder. Tap on the plus sign under the excluded chats if you want to exclude chats from appearing in this folder.

The chats will appear as tabs in the user interface. To find the chats just swipe left to arrive in a specific folder.

Additional features Telegram folders offer

Telegram has incorporated a few additional options, so users can edit folders and have a clearer organization of their chats.

  • Pins - Users can pin the chats to the top of the chat list within the folders. This is a good option when you want to prioritize specific chats.
  • Archived chats - Each of the chats in the folders can be archived when it is no longer active or needed. iOS users need to swipe left to remove a chat, Android users need to long-press on a specific chat then choose archive.
  • Desktop Sync - Folders will automatically sync with your Telegram desktop app. In this way, you can have your chats organized into folders regardless of whether you're using a desktop or mobile app.

Apart from creating folders, Telegram also offers other cool features like editing sent messages and scheduling messages to be sent in the future.