How to Edit Messages in Telegram?

Written by Emilija Anchevska Messaging

Twitter - 3 min read

Did you send an incorrect text message in Telegram or make a silly typo? Or said something that you wished you hadn't? Or perhaps a photo that was not edited?

There is no need to worry, Telegram offers options for editing messages and photos.

There's no obvious way to edit text messages or photos in Telegram, so many users don't know these features exist. Telegram allows you to edit a previously sent message in private chats and groups, but the edited message will be tagged as “Edited.”

g Telegram’s Android, iPhone, and Desktop apps.

How to edit text messages in Telegram?

Edit Telegram messages from iOS and Android

  1. Select the conversation where you want to edit a message and long press the sent message.
  2. The message will be selected, and a toolbar will appear at the top of the screen. Tap the "Edit" button represented by a pencil icon.
  3. Edit your message and when you are done, click the "Checkmark" icon.
  4. The message will have a note saying “Edited”.

You can also edit Telegram messages from your desktop computer.

If you are a fan of using the Telegram desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux, it's good news that Telegram allows provides a native, reliable messaging experience, as well as the ability to edit sent messages. This is how you can edit Telegram messages from your computer:

  1. Open the Telegram desktop app and choose a conversation from the left panel that contains the message you want to edit.
  2. From the right panel, choose the message you want to edit, right-click on it.
  3. Click "Edit" and re-type your message.
  4. When you are done, click the checkmark button to send the edited message.
  5. You'll see the updated message with the "Edited" tag in the chat.

How to edit photos in Telegram?

Click on the attach file icon in Telegram and choose a photo from your gallery or take one. Telegram will provide you with a few options to edit the photo by default.

In addition to cropping, drawing, writing, or editing filters, you can achieve softening, enhancement, brightness, contrast, saturation, and so on with Telegram’s editing features.

After you finish editing your image, just click on the checkmark option.

You can edit the sent image by tapping and holding to it and choosing the edit option from the drop-down menu.

Again you can click on the pencil icon to draw, the sticker icon to add stickers, and so on.

After you finish editing the photo click on the checkmark and you will see the edited version of the photo in your Telegram chat.

To wrap up

Now you know that Telegram offers a convenient option to edit already sent messages from your Android or iPhone device or Desktop. So next time you mistype a text message or send a text you wished you hadn't don't panic - just go back and edit your message. Bear in mind though that you can edit messages only two days after sending them. So, if you missed the two-day window, the only option left is to delete them from the chat.