How Long Does Hourglass Last on Snapchat

One of the most used Snapchat features is definitely the streak feature. With it, users are sending and receiving snaps on a daily basis, and building a streak that lasts is actually a strong indicator of how lasting a Snapchat friendship can be.

Nevertheless, once the hourglass emoji icon appears on a streak between friends, it might confuse them about its actual meaning and how long it will stay there.

We are here to help you understand everything on that, so keep on scrolling to learn more information on this.

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What does the hourglass emoji icon mean on Snapchat?

It all starts when both parties send snaps to each other for three days in a row. This way, they build up a “streak”, which is manifested by the fire emoji, and as the days pass and these two friends keep sending snaps, the streak grows.

However, to maintain the streak, both friends have to send a snap to each other within 24 hours and if they don’t do it within 20 hours, the hourglass icon emoji will appear.

For example, if the streak timer starts around noon, the hourglass emoji will appear around 8 am.

Therefore, basically, when the Snapchat hourglass emoji pops up, it means that your streak will soon (within the next few hours) and in order to save it, you and your friend need to send a snap to each other.

How long does the hourglass icon last on Snapchat

The hourglass icon will stay for 4 hours once it appears and after that will disappear, meaning your streak will end automatically.

Hourglass icon - Snapchat

Can I get rid of or remove the hourglass emoji on Snapchat?

The most obvious way in order to get rid of the hourglass emoji is to exchange a snap (photo or a video) with your friend. It will disappear automatically and the streak between you two will continue.

Otherwise, there is no direct option to remove it and you have to wait for the time to come till it disappears completely - meaning your streak is gone too.

Important things to keep in mind when maintaining a snap streak on Snapchat

You have to know that not all types of interactions on Snapchat are considered snaps. So, remember that snaps are those snapshots are messages that are taken with your camera, and snap streaks count pictures and videos but not text messages and voice messages.

So, interactions such as the ones mentioned below don’t count in the snap streak:

  • Memories
  • Snapchat stories
  • Group chats
  • Spectacles

Can I avoid the hourglass emoji from appearing on Snapchat?

Sure you can! These are the tips that can help you not worry about the Snapchat hourglass time limit:

Snap a good morning picture

You can avoid the appearance of Snapchat’s hourglass time limit if you send a good morning snap when you wake up as this will eliminate the fear of running out of time and losing that snap streak.

Create a shortcut to your snap streak friends

You can create a Snapchat shortcut and add it to your phone’s home screen, which will serve as a reminder that you need to send a snap for the streak to continue.

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What to do if you lose your snap streak?

It might happen, so that snap streaks disappear without any left trace. It does not happen often, but when it does, it can definitely frustrate you because you worked hard to keep it going on.

Here is how to fix it:

  • Go to the Snapchat Support page.
  • Choose the option My Snapstreak Disappears.
  • Fill in all the required information.

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