Snapchat Charms List Dictionary

Snapchat has changed how we communicate and introduced us to a unique language of digital friendship - the enigmatic world of Snapchat Charms 🧿

If you want to unravel the secrets of Snapchat Charms, read this post to dig deep into their true meaning, origins, inventions, and why they have become integral to our modern social media lexicon.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic!

Also, find out how to hide and unhide Snapchat Charms.

What are Snapchat Charms? 🧿

Snapchat Charms are icons with unique designs that can show the relationship between a user and his Snapchat friends.

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Are Snapchat Charms visible to everyone on Snapchat?

No, Snapchat Charms are not visible to everyone who is on Snapchat.

They can be private, personalized, and only visible to mutual friends, and if someone has blocked you on Snapchat or hasn’t accepted your request, they won’t be able to see your charms.

Snapchat Charms List Dictionary

Snapchat Charms

  • New Friends Charm - you will get one when you add a new user to your friend list.
  • Keeping in Touch Charms - these charms show how close you are to your Snapchat friends.
  • Shy Guys Charm - if you have been friends with someone but never talked to each other, you’ll get this charm to encourage you to start a conversation).
  • It’s Been a Second Charm - you will get this charm if you haven’t spoken to a friend in a short time.
  • It’s Been a Minute Charm - meaning you haven’t kept in touch with someone for a while.
  • In Touch Charm - you will get this charm easily when you have recently been in touch with someone on Snapchat.
  • It’s Been a While - meaning you haven’t spoken with that friend in a very long time.
  • It’s Been Forever - meaning you haven’t had contact with someone for over a year.
  • Snapstreak Charm - meaning you are snapping your friend consistently, every day.
  • Friendship Charms
    Mutual BFs Charm - meaning you and your friend share a mutual best friend.
  • Mutual Besties Charm - one of the best friends from your list is also on their best friends list. In other words, you and another user share many Snaps with a mutual friend.
  • Super BFF Charm - meaning two friends consistently stay on the top of each other’s best friend list for two months.
  • Birthday Charms
  • It’s their Birthday Charm - means that it’s your friend’s birthday.
  • Birthday Twins Charm - means that you and your friend’s birthday are in the same week.
  • Half Birthday Twins Charm - means that you and your friend have birthdays around 6 months apart; you will both be given this charm.
  • Snap Score Charms - represents the snaps and stories you share on Snapchat every day, which increases your Snapchat Score. Based on the different number of stars, there are 5 different degrees of Snap Score Charms.
  • Snap Newbies Charm - has one star.
  • Snap Sophomores Charm - has two stars.
  • Snap Masters Charm - has three stars.
  • Snap Heroes Charm - has four stars.
  • Snap Legends Charm - has five stars.
  • Snap OGs Charm - means you and your friend joined Snapchat in 2013, the same year the Snapchat Stories feature was released. You will both get this charm for that.
  • Founders Club Charm - means that you and your friend both joined Snapchat in 2013 when the video Snaps feature was first launched.
  • Founding Friends Charm - means you and your friend both joined Snapchat in 2011.
  • Early Adopters Charm - means that you and your friend both joined Snapchat in 2012.
  • Snapchat Employees Only Charm - Snapchat Employees will get this charm when chatting with another employee.
  • Astrology Compatibility Charm - If you and your Snapchat friend share Astrological compatibility, which most of the Zodiac signs share, you will see this Snapchat Charm under your friend’s Profile.
  • Sun Sign Compatibility Charm - a charm that shows how compatible your Rising Sun signs are with your Snapchat friends.
  • It’s a Sign Charm - meaning you and your friend share the same Zodiac sign.

What is the highest charm on Snapchat?

The highest Snapchat Charm is the one that has a 5-star rating. Also, Snapchat Charms are categorized into five tiers. These tiers included Snap Rookies, Sophomores, Masters, Heroes, and finally, Snap Legends, marked by full five stars.

Highest Snapchat Charms

However, two other exclusive charms are not accessible to all users.

How many Snapchat charms are there?

Snapchat offers over 30 Charms users can get when they engage with a friend individually.

They include four birthday Charms, approximately 14 friendship charms showing how often a user shares snaps with their friends, and some other snap activity Charms that provide insights into your and your friend's Snapchat statistics and usage history.


You should know that Snapchat Charms are your secret key to deeper connections and endless fun. Knowing them and using them wisely can transform your Snapchat experience.

By understanding Charms, you'll celebrate special moments with birthday Charms and strengthen your friendships with the right badges. Snap activity Charms will be your Snapchat diary, recounting memorable stories.

So, dive in, discover, and cherish these little icons and create lasting moments in the vibrant realm of Snapchat!