What Does it Mean when iMessages Doesn't Say "Delivered"

Written by Tijana Kargovska Apple iPhone

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With iMessages getting more and more popular, there are some evident confusions as to what some of the in-app notifications actually mean.

As with all other Apple products, there are always some hidden features or hidden meanings in notifications that show up, or more importantly the ones that don’t show up - one of them being the ‘Delivered’ at the bottom of your latest message.

Keep reading to find out what it means when iMessages don't say ‘Delivered’, and some additional tips, tricks, and explanations about Apple’s instant messaging service.

What iMessages notifications mean and how to use the instant messaging features

What does it mean when ‘Delivered’ doesn’t show up

iMessages has a built-in notification when texting another Apple user, letting you know that the message passed through. At the bottom of your latest texts, a ‘Delivered’ notification shows up.

However, at times the ‘Delivered’ notification doesn’t show up. There are a couple of reasons as to why you might not be seeing this.

  • The user not having an Internet connection

If the user you’re texting is not connected to some source of the internet (WiFi or Cellular Data), the messages will not pass through until the user is back online. This is the most probable cause why you’re not seeing the ‘Delivered’ section.

  • The user might have blocked your number

Another possible reason why your message is not getting delivered might be because the user you’re trying to text has blocked your number. You can try calling them, since blocking a number on an Apple device completely blocks any way for you to reach them, you won’t be able to text them, nor call them.

  • The user switching to an Android device

If a former Apple user switches to an Android device, but doesn’t remove their phone number from Apple’s server, they’ll still show up as an Apple user, but the instant messages won’t go through. This is another case where ‘Delivered’ will not be showing up when using iMessages.

  • Turning off iMessages

Not all users are used to iMessages, and some don’t even like the feature. Apple allows users to turn off iMessages completely on their devices, and this is another situation where the ‘Delivered’ notification would not show up.

  • Focus Mode / Do not Disturb Mode

If a user has DND or Focus Mode set up at the moment, you might see a notification ‘The user has their notifications silenced’. However, texting someone while they have Focus Mode activated will not cause the message to not be delivered.

  • The issue being on your end

Not getting the ‘Delivered’ notification does not mean the issue is on your end. When sending an iMessage to someone, and the message doesn’t go through, you will receive a ‘Failed to send’ notification right next to your phone.

Additional iMessages tricks

  • Sending an iMessage as an SMS

When you’re not receiving the ‘Delivered’ notification when texting another Apple user, you can switch your text to be a regular SMS. After you’ve sent the message, tap and hold the message until actions show up. Click on ‘Send as Text Message’.

  • Hiding ‘Read’ receipts

When using iMessages, it usually sends ‘Read’ notifications at the bottom of the messages. However, you can opt out of this feature. Open the contact you want to turn off ‘Read’ receipts for, and click on their name and icon at the top. Toggle on the button next to ‘Send Read Receipts’.

  • Blocking a contact

You can block numbers as well. Spammers, or simply someone you’re mad at - it can be done. Click on the name and/or contact photo of the user you want to block from iMessages, scroll down from the ‘Settings’ menu, and tap on ‘Block Contact’.

  • Deleting multiple messages at once

It can be annoying to delete messages one by one, not to mention how time-consuming it may be. Luckily, you can select multiple messages to delete them. Open the messages with the user you want to delete messages with, tap and hold a single message, and click on ‘More’. On the left side of the screen, tap on the bubbles next to the messages you want to delete. Click on the trash icon, and confirm you want to delete the messages you selected.

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