How to Make a Channel on Discord Read Only

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When you just want to spread a message without starting a discussion, read-only channels are great.

Channels such as announcement channels or rules channels are perfect examples of read-only channels, where one-way communication is often needed.

So, If you're a Discord user and would like a channel where people can read your messages but not reply, but do not know how to set one up, then this post will help you.

How to make a read-only channel on Discord

Creating a read-only Discord channel is a straightforward process.

The best way to create this type of channel is by using Discrod’s web version, since creating one from a mobile device is a bit more complicated.

However, in this blog post, we will be going through both methods in case you don’t have access to a laptop or computer.

Create a Discord read-only channel from a web browser

  1. Open the Discord desktop version and sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to your Discord server and click on the gear icon to edit the channel that you want to be read-only.

Discord settings option

  1. From the left-hand menu, click on the ‘Permissions tab’, then click on ‘Advanced Permissions’.

discord permissions menu

  1. Under text channel permissions, select the x button to permit users from sending messages in your channel.

text channel permssions

  1. Click on the Save changes button.

Create a Discord read-only channel from a mobile

  1. Open the Discord app and navigate to your Discord server.
  2. Tap on the channel you want to edit, then tap on the people icon in the upper right corner.

discord channel rules

  1. Tap on the Settings icon.

discord settings icon

  1. Tap on Channel permissions, then tap on Advanced view, then tap on @everyone to create roles and set permissions.

discord advanced settings

  1. Scroll down to Text channel permissions and tap on the x sign next to the Send messages.

text channel permission

What other permission can you set for Discord channels?

In addition to making a channel read-only, Discord offers a variety of other features that can help users organize their channels and manage their permissions.

For example, users can choose roles/members, meaning you can determine who and what they can do in a discord channel. You can even make this channel to be NSFW.

Furthermore, there are many permissions when it comes to sending messages.

Depending on their permissions, users may be able to send text-to-speech messages, delete or pin messages from other users, send embedded hyperlinks in the chat, and more.

All of these can be easily managed by accessing the servers’ settings and selecting the proper options.

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Discord is one of the most popular online messaging apps that offer multiple features that greatly benefit users.

This app makes creating channels quick and easy, which is why its popularity is growing day by day.