How to Fix Messages Failed to Load in Discord

Written by Emilija Anchevska Messaging / Discord

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Many popular communication platforms are available online that greatly simplify remote communication.

Tech isn't perfect, though, and the occurrence of bugs and glitches that can affect the smooth communication in messaging apps is nothing new.

Likewise, many Discord users experience an error message stating "Message Failed To Load."

It is possible for this message to appear for a number of reasons and in this blog post, we will explore them all.

What causes the “Message failed to load” error?

As previously mentioned the error message might be due to several reasons.

You must first determine what is causing the issue before you can fix it, so here are a few possibilities:

  • Server issues
  • Internal application error
  • Internal Ban due to Spamming
  • Network issues
  • A glitch in your system

How to fix ‘Message failed to load’ in Discord

Check the Discord Servers

The first thing you can do is to check if the Discord servers are up and running.

Most of the glitches and issues in Discord occur when servers are facing outages.

To check if everything runs smoothly head over to the Discord Status page and see if there are red bars that indicate that there is an outage.

When there is an outage, this means there is nothing you can do but wait.

Head over the channels with ‘#’

There is a popular workaround circulating the internet, specifically Reddit, regarding how someone can fix the Discord messages not loading issue.

Namely, when you click on text channels that have # next to them, Discord will load all the messages at once which may help you fix the issue.

Wait until the ban is lifted

The problem might also be caused by a ban.

Discord notices spammers and users who constantly send copy-pasted messages in multiple channels and restricts them by banning them from sending messages.

Assuming you have broken the rules of the platforms and have sent many messages that may be considered spam, the only thing you can do to be able to message again is to wait until the restriction has ended.

Usually, Discord account restrictions last for 1-2 days.

Force restart Discord

Force restart might resolve your issue.

Here is how you can force restart the Discord app from a Windows computer.

  1. Press the Windows key and search for Task Manager.
  2. Press the Enter key and open Task Manager.
  3. Find Discord from the list and click on the End task button at the bottom.

Here is how you can force restart the Discord app from a Mac computer.

  1. Press the CMD key and the space bar.
  2. Type in Activity Monitor in the search bar.
  3. Find the Discord app and click on the cross icon to force quit.
  4. Check group/server permissions

If you have joined a new server and can’t see or send any messages this might be due to two reasons; the issue is application-wide and not specific to the server, or you don’t have permission in the server to view messages.

In which case the best thing you can do is message the server owner and ask for permissions.

Update or reinstall the app

The easiest and one of the most obvious actions sometimes might resolve the issue.

In this case, this is updating or reinstalling the app. This might help you fix some bugs that might have caused the Discord message failed error.

Try a VPN

In case you are facing a ban and Discord has blocked your IP address you might want to try out using a VPN service.

If this is the reason why you have been banned, a VPN service might solve the problem.

Check if you have a stable internet connection

Unstable internet connection and wi-fi are often the reason why many apps can’t go through with the commands we are giving them.

Check if your device is receiving an internet connection, or try restarting the router.

Contact Discord support

If none of the above is the reason for the error message you see on Discord you can try to contact their customer support that might be able to solve the issue.

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