How to Write a Linkedin Recommendation [With Examples]

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While letters of recommendation are an excellent confirmation of a job well done and can significantly boost one's career, writing a recommendation for a colleague can be challenging.

It requires highlighting their skills, providing specific examples of how you worked together, and concluding each section with a closing sentence.

In today's job market, many candidates use LinkedIn to apply for jobs, and LinkedIn recommendations have become a meaningful way to showcase skills and accomplishments.

However, due to its shorter format, writing a compelling LinkedIn recommendation can take time.

That's why this article aims to guide you through writing great LinkedIn recommendations and helping your colleagues achieve their career goals.

How to Write a Good Linkedin Recommendation

Writing a Linkedin recommendation shouldn’t be a difficult and frustrating experience.

However, many Linkedin users need help knowing where to begin or what to include in their recommendations.

You can follow some simple steps to write an excellent LinkedIn recommendation that showcases your colleague's skills and achievements.

Start by telling how you met your colleague.

Including a brief story about your working relationship is a great way to add a personal touch and increase the credibility of your recommendation on Linkedin.

Here are three Linkedin recommendation samples:

  1. I had the pleasure of working with [Name] at [Company], where they served as a [Position]. During our time together, I was consistently impressed by their [Skill/Quality], significantly impacting our team's success.
  2. As a fellow [Industry] professional, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with [Name] on several projects. I am always impressed by their [Skill/Quality], and I do not doubt they would excel in any role they take on.
  3. I have known [Name] for [Length of time], and during that time, I have seen them grow into exceptional [Professional/Role]. They will continue to thrive and contribute significantly to any organization they join.

Highlight their key accomplishments and skills.

This part is crucial because it shows potential employers or hiring managers what your team member is good at and what they can bring.

Here are three Linkedin recommendation samples:

  1. Their [Skill/Quality] is evident in their ability to [Specific Example], which resulted in [Positive Outcome/Metric].
  2. I was particularly impressed by their [Skill/Quality] when they [Specific Example], which demonstrated their ability to [Positive Outcome/Metric].
  3. Their [Skill/Quality] was essential in [Specific Example], and with their contributions, our team achieved [Positive Outcome/Metric].

Explain how they contributed to the success of a project.

Continue by giving specific examples of your colleague’s contributions to the project. By providing concrete evidence, you will back up your recommendation and help your teammate stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Here are three Linkedin recommendation samples:

  1. Their [skill/quality] was essential in helping us achieve [specific outcome], and they played a crucial role in making our project successful.
  2. They were terrific at [specific example], which helped our team and the whole organization succeed.
  3. They were a massive help to our [project/team], and their [skill/quality] played a critical part in our success.

Conclude with a positive attitude.

Create a summary of your Linkedin recommendation to convince potential employers that your colleague is the right fit for the open position.

  1. In summary, [Name] is an exceptional [Professional/Role], and I do not doubt they will be an asset to any organization they join.
  2. I highly recommend [Name] for any [Role/Position]. Their [Skill/Quality] and exceptional work ethic make them valuable to any team.
  3. I wholeheartedly endorse [Name] for any [Role/Position] and have complete confidence in their abilities to excel and make meaningful contributions to any organization.


I enjoyed working with Jane at, where they served as a Senior Content Writer.

They consistently impressed me with their sharp minds, industry knowledge, and ability to delegate and communicate daily tasks, significantly impacting our team's success during our time together.

Their project management skills are evident in their ability to lead and coordinate our remote team of seven people, resulting in improved motivation and diligence in our entire team.

They were terrific at leading our time through one of the company's most important projects, which helped our team and the organization succeed.

I highly recommend Jane or any Senior Content Writer at Their knowledge, expertise, and exceptional work ethic make them valuable to any team.

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How to add a Linkedin recommendation to your colleague's profile

  1. Go to your teammate’s profile and scroll down to the Recommendation section.
  2. Click on Recommend [Person’s name].

Linkedin recommendation button

  1. Fill in the form by selecting all the needed fields.
  2. Write the recommendation and click on “Send.”

Linkedin recommendation section

It's important to note that either you or the person you wrote the recommendation for can choose to hide the recommendation from the public view. However, it will still be visible to the two of you privately.

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Writing recommendations on one of the biggest professional social networking platforms can be challenging for many.

Although it doesn’t require you to be a skillful writer, you must highlight your colleague's skills and contributions appropriately so the recommendation can have an effect.

We hope our guide will help you write a good Linkedin recommendation without breaking a sweat.