How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Written by Tijana Kargovska Messaging / Whatsapp

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In case you ever got suspicious about someone blocking you on WhatsApp, but you had no method of checking and being sure, we can help out.

A lot of social media platforms will give you not-so-subtle hints when you’ve been blocked by a user, such as Messenger. After being blocked by a user you’ve talked to previously, once you’ve opened the chat, a message will pop up saying ‘You can’t reply to this conversation’. Instagram - shows the user as ‘Instagrammer’, giving you a hint that the user has either blocked you or has deactivated/deleted their profile. But, what about WhatsApp?

Can I tell if someone blocked me on WhatsApp?

Since WhatsApp is one of the leading messenger apps on the market, one of WhatsApp’s features is blocking a contact. Now, the question remains, can you tell when you’ve been blocked?

The app does not send out any type of notifications to the blocked users, but there are some indicators that might make it obvious you’ve been blocked.

  1. The contact profile photo - once a user has blocked you on WhatsApp, the same profile picture that you last saw will stay. When the user that blocked you changes their profile picture, you won’t be able to see the change. This doesn’t mean you’ve been blocked for sure, plenty of users stick for months with the same profile photo.
  2. The contact’s online status - WhatsApp has a feature called ‘Last Seen’, indicating the last time a user was active on the platform. If you get blocked by someone, you will never see them as ‘Online’ in the chat window. This also does not prove that you’ve been blocked by someone, since you can change your activity settings at any time.
  3. The messages sent to a contact - when messaging a contact who has blocked you, your messages will only show one checkmark next to your message.

The usual signs WhatsApp gives to the users about the delivery of the message are - two checkmarks mean message delivered (the user received it), one checkmark means the message has been sent from your side, but not received from the other side. If you’ve been blocked, the app will never show a second checkmark, so you can try to send a message.

  1. Placing a call to the contact - if you were blocked by someone else on WhatsApp, any calls you attempt to place to that user will not get across.
  2. Creating a WhatsApp group with the contact - another way to check if you’ve been blocked is creating a group chat with the WhatsApp contact. You will not be able to set up the group if the user you suspect of having blocked you, has really done so.

It is understandable why there are no clear indicators about someone having you blocked, all this is in order to protect the users. If none of the above-mentioned methods did not work out for you, you can always try the old-fashioned way - asking the user directly.

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