How to See Who Subscribed to You on YouTube

Written by Ivana Kotorchevikj Streaming / YouTube

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Everyone that has a YouTube channel knows that the name of the game is how many subscribers you have.

Plus YouTube creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program can start earning money directly from YouTube - and the requirements for this is to have at least 1,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and 4,000 watch hours in the past year.

It’s amazing to see when someone hit that red Subscribe button. But if you start putting some effort into attracting subscribers, you would want to keep track of them.

Fortunately, YouTube not only allows you to see how your subscriber number is progressing but also who exactly has subscribed to your channel. This way, you can explore if they are a YouTube creator as well, and how big is their channel. All this information can help you come up with the next video ideas.

You can see a full list of your subscribers, including recent followers only on YouTube’s website, but you can check the number of your subscribers on both the website and mobile app.

How to check who has subscribed to you on the YouTube website

  1. Go to, log into your account, and click on your profile picture.

Click on your profile picture

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.

Select Youtube Studio

  1. On the Dashboard, under the Channel analytics section, you’ll see the count of your YouTube subscribers.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Recent subscribers’ box. Click ‘See All’ to expand the list. You’ll see a pop-up with all your subscribers. You can adjust the date range to see subscribers in the last seven days, month, 90 days, year, or the life of your channel.

Recent subscribers

On this screen, you can also see a recent subscriber’s channel name (if they have one), profile icon, subscription date and subscriber count (on their channel).

A list of all subscribers

Note that subscribers who are creators themselves and with the most subscribers will appear at the top of the list. You can also filter your subscribers by Date Subscribed or Subscriber Count.

If you click on a subscriber's profile picture, you can visit their channel.

Also, keep in mind that only subscribers who have made their account public will be shown on the list. So your subscriber count is probably higher than what you see on the panel.

How to see your YouTube subscribers on the YouTube mobile app

Remember that the complete list of your subscribers is only available on the YouTube web version, which you can open on a desktop or mobile.

On the YouTube mobile app, you can only see the subscribers’ number instead of a full list of names. This is how to see it:

  1. Download the YouTube Studio app because the YouTube app won’t give you the information.
  2. Open the YouTube Studio app.
  3. On the first Dashboard tab, you will see the number of your YouTube subscribers next to Subscriber change under Watch time (hours).
  4. If you click on ‘VIEW MORE’, you will be taken to the Analytics tab. Swipe the graphs twice to the left, and on the last graphs, you can see how the number of your subscribers changed over time.

Youtube Studio App - View More

Subscriber count on Youtube Studio app

Why is the number of my subscribers dropping?

If you notice that your subscriber count has decreased over time, there are several reasons this might be happening:

  1. Some of your subscribers have been identified as spammers and YouTube has suspended them.
  2. Some subscribers have unsubscribed from your channel.
  3. Some of your subscribers have made their accounts private. You can only see subscribers who have set their accounts as public.

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