How to Add a Reminder to an Instagram Feed Post

If you haven’t noticed by now, Instagram rolled out yet another new feature that will do amazing things for brands and creators. It is the Add Reminder feature, by which followers will be able to receive reminders about a certain event.

This new feature in town works amazingly for brands and creators who want to promote upcoming events or launches.


So, if you want to learn more details on how to access and add this feature, keep on scrolling. We’ve got you all covered, and the steps are very simple.

Before reading the steps, you can watch the short video tutorial we created covering the steps about how to add a reminder to an Instagram post:

How to add a reminder to an Instagram feed post

  1. First, create a new Instagram post as you usually do.
  2. Then, on the New Post page, under Tag People, select and tap on "Add Reminder".

Tap on 'Add a Reminder'

  1. From there, you can fill out and include all reminder information for the event, for instance, your Event Title, time, date, etc.

Set an event time

  1. All you need to do next is just tap on "Done" and then on "Share".

Enter Title and tap on 'Done'

Important Note: When you add a reminder, it must be set at least one hour before the event starts, with a max countdown of three months. This will also be set in the timezone of the device where you created that post, however, your followers will see it in their local time.

Can I edit the reminder I added to my Instagram post?

Yes, you can also do that. These are the three things you need to do for this to happen:

  1. Go to the post and tap on the top right corner and choose “Edit”.
  2. Then, tap on the line with the event name and time to edit the event details.
  3. If you want to delete it, you can also tap on “Delete”.

What will happen when a follower opts in for a notification?

Your followers will be able to receive three notifications about the event you created, saying:

  • 24 hours before the event.
  • 15 minutes before the event.
  • Push notification when the event starts.

Quick Tip: You can also share the post to your Insta Story with a little reminder tag so that your Insta followers can opt-in to be reminded from there too.

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