What is the Highest Snapchat Score Ever & Who Has it?

Key Takeaways

✅ The highest Snap score for 2023 is @mustbecris, with 320+ million. This score has been made because the user has sent and received over 1 million snaps daily.

You are not the only one wondering what the highest Snap Score ever is and who is the holder of it. I was wondering that, too, and in my research, I found some interesting information that is worth sharing.

I wasn’t into this Snap Score concept at all, but somehow, it grew on me; plus, why not get scores if you are active on the platform?

Snapchat Score was first introduced in July 2011, and it came not long after Snapchat was launched.

In this article, I’ll share what the highest Snap Score is so far and who has it, plus some other essential details you should know about it.

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What is Snapchat score?

Snap Score is calculated based on how often you send snaps and how actively you use the platform. It is like an inbuilt tool of Snapchat that tracks your activities on Snapchat.

So, your Snap Score will be calculated based on how much you send and receive snaps, maintain streaks and post videos.

Also, can you stop your Snap Score from going up?

What was the highest Snapchat Score in 2022?

The highest Snap Score in 2022 was @dion-19, with over 237 million.

Snapchat profile dion-19

Apparently, for some Snapchatters, that is still considered a little Snap score and inspires them are inspired to make an even more significant score than that.

What is the highest Snapchat Score in 2023?

The Snapchat profile with the highest score in 2023 is @mustbecris, with over 320+ million. This score has been made because the user has sent and received over 1 million snaps daily.

How can I find my Snap Score?

Your Snap Score is visible on your Snapchat profile, and you can see it by tapping on your Bitmoji, where you can access your profile. The number you see listed under the Bitmoji is your Snap Score.

Snap score on a Snapchat profile

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What is considered a good Snapchat Score?

Everyone has a different perception of what a good Snapchat score is. However, most agree that the average is always good to have. An average Snap Score ranges between 50,000 to 150,000 thousand.

Is 1,000 Snap Score a day a lot?

It depends on how much you consider is good or above the average concerning the Snap Score. For some, that score only shows that you use Snapchat to keep in touch with friends or view stories.