Can You See Who Views Your VSCO?

Written by Emilija Anchevska Social Media

Twitter - 3 min read

VSCO, the artsy app, is a place where many creatives publish their photos.

The app is primarily used by professional photographers, but it is steadily gaining popularity among younger users as well. Many users trying to gain popularity on VSCO link their accounts in their Instagram bios and redirect their visitors to their VSCO profiles.

So, the question 'Can I see who views my VSCO' often pops up as a result.

Although we are keen to know this answer for all social media platforms, unfortunately, we can't.

VSCO doesn't display who views your profile; thus, other users can't see if you were viewing their profile.

Most social media platforms do not support this feature, primarily due to privacy concerns. In the post below, we will examine this in more detail.

Why don't social media platforms let us see who viewed our profiles?

There isn't an official explanation for why social media giants (except for Linkedin) are not allowing us to see who viewed our profiles.

However, if we take an educated guess, it would be to protect users' privacy.

Namely, we have all checked our friends' profiles, our friends' friends' profiles, ex-partners', even social media profiles of people we don't know.

It would be a shock to find out that someone we do not know is lurking on our social media profiles and vice versa, for others to find out that we have been checking their social media profiles.

In addition, if you search for 'How can I see who viewed my Facebook profile' articles that date back in 2018, explain that Facebook at some point allowed iOS users exclusively to see who viewed their profiles in the last 30 days. But the option was quickly removed and never to be found again.

Some claim that Facebook could face legal charges if they let the option remain on the platform, which is another possible answer to why social media companies are not integrating this option.

So, looking at the topic from this perspective, the question of who has viewed our VSCO, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platforms is better to remain unanswered.

The Internet is full of step-by-step guides and theories that claim to solve the biggest mystery of all time, and that is who views my profile.

None of these theories have been officially confirmed or substantiated, for that matter, although there were users have claimed to have obtained relevant results.

One of the theories was the 'inspect elements' trick on Facebook users used for checking who was viewing their profile. Of course, this has never been confirmed to be true.

Another more recent one claims that you can see who 'stalks' your Instagram profile. The theory goes that people who are shown the highest on the list of story viewers are the ones who check your profile most frequently.

Many other tips and tricks are circulating online that claim to answer this question. There are even free and paid tools that promise you will see who views your profile.

Wrapping up

VSCO, like many other social media platforms, does not notify the users when someone views their profile.

This is most likely because social media platforms aim to protect users' privacy as much as possible.

For that reason, we may never find out who viewed our profiles, and maybe it's for the better.