How to Turn Off Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer Mac

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Zoom meetings have become part of our daily lives after the COVID-19 pandemic and the go-to app for online business meetings, school lectures, fitness classes, etc.

As we started using Zoom more frequently, we realized how important it is to know how to mute and unmute yourself while on a call. Unfortunately, you might have been in awkward situations when your Zoom audio was not muted and people on the call heard you say stuff they shouldn't have heard.

Also, it’s helpful to know how to turn off the Zoom audio if you want to multitask while being on a call, and you need your mic or audio for another task at the same time.

In this kind of situation, people often try turning down the volume, which also turns down their computer volume at the same time.

However, what if you want to mute yourself or turn off audio on Zoom without muting your Mac audio? In this post, we’ll show you a trick on how to turn off Zoom audio without muting your Mac computer.

How to turn off Zoom volume without muting computer Mac

You can mute yourself on a Zoom call without at the same time muting or turning down your Mac volume, regardless of whether you are using the Zoom desktop app or the web version.

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Unfortunately, Mac PCs and MacBooks don’t have the Volume Mixer option available on Windows, which enables to mute or turn down the volume of specific applications, including Zoom.

So, if you want to turn down or mute the volume for the Zoom app only, you need to adjust the volume in Zoom settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. While at a Zoom meeting, click on the small upward arrow next to the Zoom meeting audio controls (microphone icon in the bottom-left corner).
  2. In the pop-up menu, select ‘Audio settings’.

Click on the upward arrow next to the Zoom meeting controls for audio then select 'Audio settings'

  1. Go to the Speaker section to turn down or off the volume for the Zoom audio, or go to the Microphone section to turn down or mute your Zoom microphone.

adjust the volume of the speaker and microphone or turn them off

How to turn off Zoom audio completely without muting Mac

There’s another option that Zoom offers to completely turn off Zoom meeting volume while you are in a meeting with the “Leave Computer Audio” feature.

When you choose this option, both your microphone and speakers will be disabled on the Zoom call. This way, you can completely mute Zoom audio without muting your Mac.

  1. While in a Zoom meeting, click on the upward arrow next to the Zoom eeting controls for audio.
  2. From the menu, select ‘Leave Computer Audio’.

Leave computer audio

This way, you will completely disconnect your computer audio from the Zoom meeting, so both your microphone and speaker on the meeting will be muted.

Alternatively, if you only wish to mute your microphone, and hear the rest of the participants, simply click on the ‘Mute’ button in the bottom-left corner, or press the Shift+Command+A on the keyboard.

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Additional FAQ

Can I listen to music while on Zoom?

If you are on a Zoom call, both your Zoom meeting and the audio you are playing externally will be heard at the same audio level if you don’t turn down or mute your Zoom call.

So, if you are listening to other audio or music on your computer, turn down the volume on Zoom.

Can I mute Zoom audio while watching YouTube?

If you watch a video on YouTube on your PR or Mac, you can turn down or mute the audio on your Zoom meeting. Follow the steps above to mute or turn down the Zoom audio, and you can watch YouTube videos while being in the meeting without the two audios overlapping.

Will the host or other participants see if I mute a Zoom meeting?

The host and other participants won’t be able to see that you have muted Zoom audio from your computer or Zoom audio settings. However, if you select ‘Leave Computer Audio’ from Zoom Controls, the mic icon in your thumbnail will disappear. The host and other participants can see that you haven’t joined the Zoom meeting with computer audio.