How to Stop Reddit Emails [2022 Guide]

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Reddit is one of the largest online communities where users or so-called Redditors discuss on numberless amount of topics.

The platform hosts numerous opinions, posts, topics, and experiences grouped into subreddits.

Upon creating a profile, users can choose which subreddits they want to join to follow specific topics being discussed and post their own answers.

Despite Reddit being a popular site for many, one little feature bugs many users- the Reddit email notifications.

If you belong to more than one subreddit, your email box may be getting flooded with emails from Reddit.

We understand that a cluttered inbox can be a frustrating issue; therefore, we will teach you how to stop receiving emails from Reddit in this blog.

Additionally, you can watch our YouTube video tutorial:

How to stop getting emails from Reddit

In most cases, users can easily unsubscribe from annoying newsletters and email notifications by clicking the unsubscribe link once they open an email. However, when it comes to Reddit, users need to adjust this setting within the Reddit app.

Depending on the device you are using, below you will find the steps for how to unsubscribe from Reddit emails easily.

Stop getting emails from Reddit using the Reddit website

  1. Log in to your Reddit account and click on the bell icon in the top-right corner next, click on the gear icon.

reddit bell icon and gear icon

  1. On the next page, click on ‘Manage email’.

reddit manage email option

  1. Under the ‘Email notifications’ section, toggle the buttons to stop the Reddit notification you don’t want to arrive at your email address.

reddit email notification options

That’s it.

Stop getting emails from Reddit using iPhone or Android phone

For users who prefer to access the platform directly from their phones, Reddit has a mobile app in addition to the web version.

However, in order to disable the email notifications, users need to access the account settings via the web browser on their phones, as Reddit does not support this feature on the mobile app.

  1. Open Reddit and tap on the notifications icon, below your profile icon.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  3. Tap ‘Edit notification settings’.
  4. You can adjust your notification preferences accordingly.

That’s it!

Hopefully, this answers your question on how to stop emails from Reddit.

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Stop Reddit email notifications with a third-party tool

If you have been googling how to stop Reddit emails, you may have come across several; third-party tools, mostly email providers and tools that offer this service.

Since Reddit has an in-built option for this, you may be wondering why would you pay for this service when you can turn off the email notifications for free.

Turning off email notifications is not the only feature you can use to keep your inbox neat. As a matter of fact, this software enables users to block emails from senders, block emails from specific domains, move emails to specific folders, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Aside from being one of the largest online communities where people discuss different topics, Reddit email notifications can be annoying, especially if you belong to a popular subreddit.

Use this guide to turn off Reddit email notifications and keep a neat and organized inbox.