How to See Who I Follow on Reddit [2022]

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With Reddit's "follow" feature introduced a few years ago, users can keep up to date on the latest posts their fellow Redditors make on the platform.

However, many questions were raised about this option.

Users wondered how to see who they follow, how to block a follower, and how to delete someone from their follower list.

These options were not always available, so Reddit implemented them recently to make the platform more enjoyable.

So, if you are new to the Reddit community and haven't gotten your head around this feature yet, don't worry; this blog post will explain everything there is to know about the follow feature on Reddit.

How to see who I follow on Reddit

  • From the website - Click on the drop-down menu in the upper left corner. The Redditors you follow will be listed under the subreddits you follow.

followers on reddit website

  • From the mobile app - Select the four-dot icon in the bottom navigational bar to see a list of subscribers on the Reddit app.
  • From the old Reddit version -

How can I see who follows me on Reddit?

Similar to other social media platforms, Reddit implemented a feature that allows users to see who their followers are.

Once you open the Reddi mobile app, you will see a link to your followers' list. Tap on it to see your followers.

Most recent followers will appear first on the list of followers.

Here is a screenshot of Reddit's official announcement on this feature.

followers on reddit mobile app

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How to unfollow someone on Reddit

If you are tired of seeing someone’s post on your News Feed, you can always unfollow that person.

To unfollow someone on Reddit, go to their profile ( you can do this by clicking on the menu where your followers and subreddits are stored) and tap on the ‘Unfollow’ button below their avatar.

reddit unfollow option

How to block someone or Reddit

The blocking feature was also one of the most asked-for options on Reddit.

Luckily, now, users can block unwanted followers on this platform and prevent them from following them. Additionally, if users block a follower, that will remove the user from their followers' list.

Users who are blocked will not be able to tell if they were blocked since they can still view the profile of the person who blocked them, but they will not be able to follow them or receive updates about new posts.

  • On iOS and Android, go to the top right corner of their profile, tap the three dots, and tap on Block user.
  • On, go to their profile, click on ‘More Options’ under their avatar, and click on ‘Block User’.

reddit block option

  • On the old Reddit version ‘Block user’

Wrapping Up

Viewing your following list on Reddit is simple.

People who you follow are stored in the same section as the subreddits. Redditors can also block unwanted followers and prevent them from seeing the content they post.

Follow this guide to easily find people you follow on Reddit via desktop or mobile.

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