How to See Who Blocked You on Snapchat

You have been messaging with a Snapchat friend for a while now, and all of sudden you notice that something is wrong because that person is no longer responding to your messages. Of course, you would suspect that you might have been blocked. Indeed, it might be the case, because people block other people on this social media platform as well.

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But, there is no need for anxiety or any kind of worry because there are several ways on how you can check out who blocked you on Snapchat. Keep reading because here we’ll talk about ways for you to see who blocked you on Snapchat.

How to see who blocked you on Snapchat

Now this process will take a little bit of investigation. There are certainly some tricks you can do if you suspect that someone has blocked you on Snapchat, so keep on reading to find out what those tricks are.

Check your recent conversation list

This is the easiest way to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat. Simply, open your Snapchat app and go to the conversations tab by tapping on the speech bubble icon that is in the bottom section on the screen. If you already suspect that a person blocked you, there is a big clue that the person will not appear in the chat list. This may happen even though you’ve had a recent conversation with that person.

However, this is not enough to ensure you that this particular person has blocked you, so you have to keep investigating.

Make research by using their username or full name

To proceed with the steps and be even more certain that this particular person blocked you, is by searching their username or full name as well. So, if that user blocked you, they will not appear in the search tab within Snapchat.

Also good to know, is that there is a big difference between being blocked and being deleted on Snapchat.

If someone blocked you, you would not be able to find anything about that person on Snapchat and also, if you are blocked, you won’t be able to contact them in any way.

In addition, if someone deleted you from their Friends list, you will be able to find them in your Friends list but you cannot send them snaps. To look for the suspect person who might have blocked you on Snapchat, tap the Search function that is at the top of the screen, labeled by a magnifying glass icon and type in the username or full name of the person.

Quick Tip: More accurate results will come out once you know that person’s username because there could be other users with the same name but usernames are all different and unique.

Then, after the user appears in the search results, they will show up under the My Friends section, meaning that you are still in their Friends list. On the other hand, if they appear under the Add Friends section, they have deleted you from their Friends list.

Reminder: If that person that you are searching for does not appear at all in the search bar, even though you are searching by their exact username or full name, that person might have blocked you or deleted their Snapchat account for good.

Search that persons’ username or full name from a different account

If you have not yet found the person who might have blocked you by now, there is also another trick you do. One option is to ask a friend to search for the person from their account and the other one is for you to create a new account. Of course, the first option is better, because it is faster and you don’t have to waste time signing up with all of the details.

Send that person a message

Another way for you to check if a person blocked you, is by sending them a message. If you have chatted with them before you have the chat history on your Friends list, you may try this way for sure. However, if you see the message ‘Failed to send your message - tap to try again’, that might mean that you have been blocked.

In case you see the message ‘Pending’ and a gray icon instead of blue or pink, then be sure that you have been deleted from that person's contact list.

Now get the investigation going and find out who that person is.