How to Search for My Old Tweets: 3 Proven Methods

Written by Emilija Anchevska Social Media / Twitter

Twitter - 4 min read

Have you ever thought about digging up past Tweets, but you were too lazy to scroll down to a certain point in time?

We understand, searching for tweets that have been posted several years ago can be frustrating and exhausting.

That’s why we are revealing to you a few tips and tricks you can use in order to find tweets that have been written in the past.

Twitter Advanced search is a Twitter feature that helps users search tweets with the help of numerous filters and options.

For instance, users can search tweets that contain several specific words, specific phrases, or specific hashtags. Users can also explore tweets on a specific Twitter account, mentions, and replies.

And If this is not enough, Twitter Advanced Search also has a date option where users can apply date ranges to find a Tweet.

To use the advanced search page, first, go to the Advanced Search section on Twitter.

  • Next, in the pop-up window, start filling in the fields that might help you find your older tweets.

You can start by adding words in the fields that you think can help you find your old tweets. After you finish filling in the form, click search in the upper right corner.

Twitter Advanced Search is probably the most powerful method anyone can use to find tweets from the past, due to the ability of the multiple search filter options to be combined.

Step 2: Request archive from Twitter

Another option that Twitter has under its belt is the option to download an archive of your data. This way, Twitter users can download a full list of their old tweets on their computers.

To request an archive, go to Settings > Account.

  • Under “Content,” click on the “Request your archive”.

If you have had your Twitter account for quite some time now, it may take longer for the social media network to prepare it and send it to you.

However, once the archive is prepared, you will receive a notification and link to your email address. Click download and start searching for your old tweets.

Step 3: Use an online tool to search for your old tweets

The Internet is full of online tools created to dig deeper into your Twitter past. Some of these online tools offer multiple other features, besides showing tweets from a specific date, like options that can help you mass delete your older tweets.

Even though tweet deletion is a topic for debate, you can still go on and delete your tweets if you think it’s necessary.

1. All My Tweets

If you are looking for a list of tweets in chronological order, All My Tweets can help you with that. This online tool gives you a free and fast way of discovering your old Tweets, accounts that you follow, blocked, or muted accounts.

To use this tool, type in your username or email address and password and hit the sign-in button.

2. TweetBinder

TweetBlender is a paid online tool that helps you get a tweet report, not only from your tweets but from someone else’s account as well. If you are looking for tweets from the recent past, TweetBinder allows downloading a report from up to 500 tweets that have been tweeted in the past 7 days.

To use this tool, enter a username, hashtag, mention, or keyword in the search bar and hit the create free report button. The search result will show a report of different metrics that can be used in a Twitter marketing strategy.

3. TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter is an online tool that helps Twitter users delete their old and embarrassing Tweets.

The tool has a few plans that offer different functions. The company offers different pricing plans, depending on how many tweets you want to delete at once.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to find old Tweets and filter them by keyword, media, replies, date, and time. And if you are not up for a paid plan, TweetDelter offers a limited free plan as well.

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