How to Access Pinterest Option ‘Reply with a New Idea Pin’

If you are part of the Pinterest community and you have an account there, you probably know that as of recently, Pinterest launched the feature to reply to a comment with an Idea Pin. It seems that Pinterest is the latest platform to enable this option to its users, however, what they promised, they actually fulfilled.

The idea for video replies was first made popular by social media platform TikTok and shortly after that Instagram implemented it for its own platform, so it was obvious that others will follow with similar features as well.


This is what the company said on behalf of their latest launched feature:

“There are more ways than ever to engage with your community on Pinterest. Now you can respond to all of their comments, questions and requests with a tailored Idea Pin reply. We wanted to spare you and your thumbs from the long, novel-text replies because some things are simply better when shown. Head to Pinterest to get the conversations started”

If you are interested to know how you can access this option, keep on reading and follow the simple steps.

How to access the Pinterest option to comment with an Idea Pin

This feature is available for Android, iOS users and those who are also using the web.

  1. First things first, log into your Pinterest profile.
  2. Then, click/tap on a pin of your choice and find the comment that you want to reply to.
  3. Right next to the comment section, there is a three-dots menu. Click/ tap on that menu.
  4. This menu will display several options for you to choose and one of them will be ‘Reply with a New Idea Pin’. This option offers you the choice to film a new video, or to upload an existing one.
  5. After you click/tap on that, a window with new proposals will open, in which The Idea Pins composer will appear, allowing you to add more context to your response.
  6. Lastly, click on ‘Done’ to save.

Reply with a New Idea Pin

To sum up, the Idea Pin feature that Pinterest offers is great for manufacturers because it enables them to upload explainer movies, customized video replies to comments, as well as product promos.

In addition, this feature offers a good range of ways in which it can be used as it moves only forward into video engagement, leaning into the usage of trends and most importantly, improving the connection within Pinners.