How to Get Instagram Celebrity Look Alike Filter

Written by Emilija - Reviewed by Tanja Social Media / Instagram

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Imagine hopping on Instagram, exploring the filters, and discovering that you actually look like an A-list celebrity.

Well, that’s possible with Instagram's filter celebrity look alike.

Users enjoy using celebrity look-alike Instagram filters to compare their appearance with their favorite celebrities. These celebrity face match filters not only give them a confidence boost but also increase their chances to reach the explore page.

By tapping on the magnifying glass from the story section of their Instagram accounts, users can browse through countless celebrity lookalike filters.

The social media platform tries to keep up with the fun and entertaining pace of TikTok filters like the attractiveness scale, so don't be surprised if you see multiple filters that attempt to match you with your celebrity twin.

Without any further ado, let’s see how to find the celebrity look alike filter on Instagram.

How to search for the celebrity look-alike filter

Searching for filters on Instagram is a super easy and quick process and can be done in several ways.

Find Instagram filters by keyword

  1. Tap on the Instagram camera in the upper left corner.
  2. From the Instagram story section, scroll until you find the ‘Browse by effects' icon from the Instagram story section.

Browse instagram effects

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass and type in a keyword like ‘celebrity twin’, ‘celebrity look alike.

effect gallery instagram

Instagram will list all the filters that show your celebrity twin, and you can pick whichever you think it’s the most fun.

However, there is one filter created by @emmasofija that took many users by storm.

The filter shows one-half of the user’s face and one-half of a celebrity’s face, making it easy for users to compare how much they look to someone famous.

emmasofija celebrity look alike effect

Another popular Instagram filter was created by @juliataskeva in January 2022; you can find it by typing in the search query 'You look like'.

Find Instagram filters by searching creators

Another way of finding the most popular Instagram look-alike celebrity filters is by searching for the person who has created the filter.

  1. Type in their username into the search bar, and Instagram will suggest the creator's profile and the AR Instagram filters they have created.
  2. Tap on the filter and tap ‘Try it’.

search instagram by creators

Find Instagram filters from friends

If some of your friends have published a story or a video using a celebrity twin filter that you absolutely adore, you can use the same filter or save it for later.

Just tap the filter's name in the left bottom corner; Instagram will give you an option to save for filtering or for trying it right away.

In addition, users can also send an AR filter by tapping the plane icon in the lower right corner.

Are AR filters on Instagram accurate?

Although AR (Augmented reality) is an advanced technology and, on many occasions, it has proven to be crazy accurate, the results should always be received with a grain of salt.

These filters use an AR picker to showcase the most popular celebrity right now and match them with the users’ faces; however, users receive totally irrelevant results on many occasions.

Whichever the case is, use these filters for fun and don’t get disappointed by the results.

Wrapping Up

For all those who wonder ‘What celebrity do I look like?’ try Instagram’s celebrity look alike filters.

Instagram offers a wide variety of AR-based filters to help you find your celebrity twin and even lead you to viral success.