How to Make a Custom Welcome Message on Discord

Written by Emilija Anchevska Messaging / Discord

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If you are a Discord user who worries about new members feeling welcome on your server, then you have come to the right place.

In this how-to, you will find information on how to write a welcome message that will make everyone feel included and welcome.

Welcome messages in Discord pop up when a new member joins a server. Moreover, users can set other options related to this feature, giving them greater control over who sees the message.

How to set up a customized welcome message on Discord

Welcome messages are not a default option in Discord.

There are a few setups users need to go through to write their welcome message.

However, the process is easy and straightforward, and all the steps can be found below.

First step: Install MEE6

  1. Log in to your Discord account.
  2. Go to MEE6 and install the Discord bot on your server.
  3. Choose the Discord server on which you want the bot to be installed.

Second step: Customize the welcome message

  1. From the left-hand menu, select' Welcome' under the 'Server management.'

discord welcome menu

  1. Toggle the button next to 'Send a message when a user joins the server'.

welcome message discord

  1. From the first drop-down menu select the channel where you want the message to appear.

discord welcome message

  1. In the 'Text message' field, type in your message and click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen.

discord customize welcome message

That's it!

Each time a new server member joins in, they will receive your custom message.

Bonus steps for customization

We all know that Discord is an advanced VolP app with many beneficial features under its belt.

Thus, the app has been widely used, especially in the gaming community, and slowly but surely becomes a preferred communication app among other communities.

That being said, welcome messages can be customized in many other ways besides users writing them themselves.

For premium users, Discord allows choosing a different font style and colors for their welcome card.

Users can also send private messages to every new member and customize them by writing the message themselves.

Also, users can send customized goodbye messages in Discord once someone from their member list decides to leave the server.

Many Discord users experience an error message stating "Message Failed To Load." If you've ever gotten this error message, check out what might be the reasons causing it and how to fix it.


How do you make a welcome message in Discord?

To make a custom message in Discord, you need to install the MEE6 bot first and write your message once you click on the Welcome menu.

Can I customize my welcome message in Discord?

There are more customization options if you are an MEE6 premium user. Premium users can add color, a thumbnail, and even choose a background.

Is there any way to customize the new member message?

If you use the MEE6 bot on your channel in Discord, you can send customized private welcome messages.