How to Know if a Tinder Profile is Fake

Written by Tijana Kargovska Social Media / Tinder

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When it comes to online dating apps, feeling suspicious about the legitness of some accounts sort of comes in the package. Since there are so many “funny” catfishing stories on the streets, not trusting people easily when it comes to online dating is a completely normal thing.

However, there are plenty of red flags that indicate you should either raise your suspicion or telling you your gut feeling was right. When a Tinder user you matched with seems too good to be true, you might be right. So, how to recognize fake profiles and Tinder scammers?

How can I know if a Tinder account is a fake one?

Several things can be taken as indicators that you should either stop talking to this match, or try testing them to see if you’re right to be suspicious. There are plenty of scammers, bots, catfishes who for sure are not who they claim to be. So, how do you recognize one?

1. Missing info in their Tinder account

If the user has some to none information included in their bio, no interests listed, no occupation, or even if they have 1 or 2 pictures of themselves on their profile, this might be a red flag.

A big percent of bots and fake accounts will have random links in their bio. These links are usually either harmful for your device, or redirecting you to a page you do not want to visit.

3. Their messages are either confusing with poor grammar, or make no sense at all

This is because the bot was programmed by someone who is not a native English speaker, or their knowledge of English is really low. However, note that bots that are texting you without answering your questions, or their messages are completely not related to the conversation, they might be bots.

4. Extremely fast replies

The replies you’re getting are too fast. In fact, they are faster than it’s possible for a human to answer, even if they have the chat opened at the time you sent the last message. This too is an indicator of a Tinder bot, the answers you’re getting were programmed and you’re not talking to a real person.

5. They ask you to stop texting through Tinder, and switch to a different communicating platform

Plenty of fake Tinder accounts will ask you to join them on a different platform, a rather sketchy one that no one uses, and there is a good chance they’re doing this to gain your personal information.

6. Overly sexualized profile pictures

If the photos they have on their profile show too much nudity, you guessed it - you just spotted a fake account, and you’ll want to swipe left as soon as possible.

7. Information on their profile is not the same as their photos

Plenty of people who create fake accounts do not spend too much time generating them. The username in the profile might not match with the name in the bio, there could be an evident age gap from what they have in their bio and what you see in the photos. All of this might be a sign of a fake account.

8. Getting invited to a camera website

You might be sent a link to a cam website and the fake user might tell you they want you to prove you are a real person, do not click those links. There is a high possibility that this is done to get your personal information, and it might result in credit card theft.

9. The photos are unnatural

If the images seem like they were taken by professionals for a commercial, this might be the case exactly. The photos might be of a model posing for different products, and they’re simply using them to trick other users.

10. No other social media platforms are linked to their profile

Most real Tinder users mention their Instagram in their Tinder profile. The fake accounts will never have any other platform included in their profile.

All of the possible red flags we mentioned have already happened to a lot of users. So, in order to stay safe, make sure to go through Tinder’s safety features, as well as follow the guidelines we mentioned. Happy swiping!

Of course, if someone is spamming you, harassing you, or you feel offended, you can always block them. Learn how to block someone on Tinder.