What Does It Mean When It Says No Location Found on iPhone?

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“Find My Friends” was an Apple-owned app that enables users to find their friends and family from any Apple device easily.

In 2019, Apple updated the app and created the Find My app by merging the “Find My Friends app” with the “Find My iPhone app”.

Aside from being a convenient location-based app, some users have reported the 'No location found' issue when using the app to Apple support communities.

If you are one of those users who are trying to figure out why they see the ‘No location found’ message, this article is just for you as we dive into the reasons and fixes for this common problem.

What does ‘No Location Found’ mean on ‘Find My’?

There is definitely a problem if the Find My app does not find a friend's location.

For the application to run properly, the GPS, phone’s location service, and internal operation need to work as well. Therefore, the app won’t be able to track any location of your friends or family if those crucial factors are not working.

In brief, the ‘No location found’ message appears when there is either a problem with your or your friend's GPS or a glitch with the app.

Why does ‘Find My’ say ‘No Location Found’?

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As we mentioned before, the message ‘No location found’ may occur due to issues with the GPS; however, there might also be other factors that trigger this problem.

  • The person is out of network.
  • The person’s phone is switched off.
  • The person needs to correct the date on their device.
  • Both phones are not signed in to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.
  • The person turned on the ‘Hide My Location.’
  • The person has not signed-in to the ‘Find My’ app.

How to fix ‘No Location Found’ in the Find My app

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The reasons for ‘No location Found’ on the Find My app are numerous, and luckily some of them can be easily fixed from within users’ iPhones.

Here is what you need to pay attention to.

1. Confirm the GPS is on and working

Some users often turn off their GPS in order to save battery life, which may prevent the Find My app from finding them.

Even when a user's GPS is turned off, the app should be able to find them, but sometimes this may cause problems.

To make sure that this does not interfere with the proper functioning of Find My, turn on the GPS by going to 'Settings' > 'Privacy' > 'Location Services' > on.

2. Restart and login back on to the app

The application may need to be restarted and reopened in order to resolve minor issues and glitches in the iOS system that cause the 'No location found' error.

Find the ‘Find My’ app on your home screen and long-press it, select ‘Remove app’.

After this install the app again and log back into it.

3. Check & correct the date and time

Inaccurate data and time can affect the functionality of the app, so ensure that these metrics are set up correctly.

Set your phone to automatic date & time configuration and it should start working accurately again.

4. Turn on “Share my location”

The no location found on the ‘Find My’ app can also occur due to the ‘Share my location’ option being turned off.

To activate this option, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘iCloud Setting’ > Location Services’ > ‘Share My Location’> On.

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What is the difference between ‘no location found’ and ‘location not available’?

If the person is out of network coverage, the message ‘no location found’ will appear in the app. Turning off the location services, GPS, or the phone running out of battery may also be the reason for this issue.

If you see the ‘No location available’ message your friends might need to correct the date on their devices, and connect their devices to cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Wrapping Up

Sharing your location through the ‘Find My’ app is a smart decision that can greatly benefit your safety.

However, even the best Apple apps sometimes experience bugs and glitches.

Follow the troubleshooting steps from above to fix the ‘No location found’ issue in the ‘Find My’ app.