How to Use the Add Yours Sticker in Stories

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Here is what we mean:

If an Instagram user posts a story of its meal of the day saying “Meal of the day” or “Outfit of the day” using the “Add Yours” sticker, other users can add their meals or outfits of the day as a response in a story thread.

The feature was first announced on Nov.1 2021 on Instagram’s official Twitter account:

“With custom prompts and public responses, you can share the sticker and see who responds to it in their own Stories.”

How to Use the Add Yours Sticker in Stories

The "Add Yours" feature was first tested in Japan and Indonesia before being rolled out globally.

To access the new Instagram story sticker, first, upload a story, next tap on the sticker tool in the upper right corner, choose the “Add Yours” sticker and add your prompt.

Additionally, users can respond to and add their replies by clicking on someone else’s “Add Yours” sticker.

The initial idea of the social media platform is to allow users to participate in a content chain and interact with each other more. Additionally, this might be a good chance for creators to explore new content as well, since other creators will be contributing to their stories.

Moreover, once someone clicks on the Add Yours sticker they will be able to see everyone who is participating in the thread and their stories as well, which gives creators an additional chance to get more exposure in front of fellow creators' audience.

However, this only applies to users with public profiles. Stories of users with private profiles will be visible only for those who follow them.

In addition, Instagram will send users a notification every time someone contributes to their topic, and they will be able to see the responses once they click the Add Yours Instagram story.

If you are still not able to find the newest interactive sticker then it might be due to the fact that your Instagram app is not up to date.

In that case, head to the App Store or Google Play Store and press the update button.

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