How to Make Your Snapchat a Subscription

Written by Tijana - Reviewed by Emilija Social Media / Snapchat

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We have all seen the verified badges on Instagram, Tinder, TikTok. Almost all social media platforms currently are offering their biggest creators a way to distinguish them among millions of users.

Snapchat, the platform that has been among the most used ones for nearly a decade now, has joined the group of verifying users.

However, Snapchat’s creators become verified in a different way than most other platforms, and the meaning behind being verified is different as well.

On Snapchat, the biggest creators and those that do get verified, actually are contributing to the Snapchat community. A big percent of Snapchat’s creators got verified due to creating ‘Lenses’, which are crucial to what Snapchat is.

Additionally, Snapchat Creators that get verified, are able to turn their profiles into subscriptions.

This is exactly what distinguishes Snapchat among all other platforms, but how do you turn your regular Snapchat account into a subscription?

We searched the Internet so you wouldn’t have to, and we found what you could possibly do to switch your Snapchat profile into a subscription. Keep reading to find out how!

How do I make my Snapchat a subscription?

First things first, in order to be able to receive the subscription button, you need to be labeled as ‘Creator’ on Snapchat’s platform. After becoming a creator, you’ll be able to activate the subscriptions feature.

How do you become a creator on Snapchat?

There are several things you can do to get on the right track towards getting verified, and consequently - getting that subscription button.

  1. Snapchat lenses - as we mentioned, Snapchat’s entire core functionality is based on the lenses. Therefore, if you create several lenses on Snapchat, you’re bound to get noticed by them at some point, which will lead to the email offering you the subscription button.
  2. Being active - Snapchat requires its creators to be constantly active. However, don’t confuse spamming random photos/videos with quality content, which is what Snapchat needs. Try to think of an aesthetic you’d like to pursue, and stick with it.

Additionally, you’ll need to reach a bigger audience than you usually do. Try adding more people, and start using Snapchat’s lenses and tools more often.

The process of getting verified

In order to become an influencer, and getting the verified badge, you need to learn how to promote your brand - or yourself as a brand, in order to reach a bigger audience.

These guidelines don’t only apply to Snapchat only, but all major social media platforms where influencers promote themselves - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…

Luckily, once your Snapchat account starts gaining over 50k views, Snapchat’s employees will send out an email to get in touch with you, to offer you the verified badge.

Bear in mind that, besides reaching the numbers Snapchat needs in order for your account to get verified, there are other things that play a crucial role whether your account will get verified or not. Your page needs to keep growing rapidly, which is an indicator for Snapchat that you’re sharing quality content and people are invested in what you have to show them.

However, there are some cases where even when the account is growing rapidly, Snapchat still doesn’t send out any type of emails. According to users who have experienced this, it usually happens when someone is impersonating you, which is taking away your originality.

However, there are actions that can be taken for you to protect your subscribing status.

How to keep the ‘Subscribe’ button after getting it?

The ‘Subscribe’ button is really hard to get, but it’s even harder to keep it. Snapchat requires you to constantly keep a steady line in your numbers, otherwise you might lose this feature.

However, if you do hold a steady line, and you have the ‘Subscribe’ feature, you’ll need to promote yourself on the ‘Discover’ page. Popular profiles usually show up in this particular section, therefore you should try and get your profile on this page! Snapchat likes seeing appropriate content, and your Snap Stories need to be public, not private.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing an issue with someone copying you, and consequently you’ve lost your verified badge and/or Subscribe button, the best thing you can do is contact Snapchat directly.

The fastest way to resolve your issue is to explain to Snapchat in detail the problem you’re experiencing. It can resolve the issue faster if you were to provide some type of proof of identity.

Note: If you have a second account, Snapchat can consider this as a duplicate account, which may be the cause of why you’re not getting verified.