How to Fix 'Challenge Required' on Instagram

Written by Tijana - Reviewed by Ivana Social Media / Instagram

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For those users that have been on Instagram for a while now, we’re sure you’ve already encountered some errors on Instagram, such as ‘Challenge Required’, which is making your visit to the platform less enjoyable.

Since Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s bound to have some errors and issues from time to time.

However, nearly all errors Instagram shows are fixable, and so is this one.

Reportedly, there are several different versions of the ‘challenge_required’ error that users have received, but luckily, there are ways to fix this problem, and we’ll show you how.

Keep reading to find out what these bugs mean, and how to get rid of the error messages.

What does ‘challenge_required’ mean?

As we mentioned, there are several variations to this particular bug, however, the most common one is the ‘challenge_required’. If you received this error, it’s a consequence to Instagram needing to confirm some security protocols, in order for the app to work and function properly.

The ‘challenge_required’ usually pops up when a user tries to log into their Instagram account using the web browser. The ‘challenge_required’ was created by Instagram’s developers in order to make sure a human is logging into an account, and not a bot. This has been created as a response to millions of fake Instagram accounts, which we’re sure you’ve noticed in the comment sections of plenty of popular Instagram pages.

Another aim to this error is for Instagram to confirm you’re the real owner of the account - a security measure against getting your account hijacked.

Luckily, this error is fixable, and there are ways to resolve the issue.

How do I fix the ‘challenge_required’ issue on Instagram?

The fix for this particular error is really simple - all you need to do is log in to your account using the Instagram app, or Instagram’s website, but make sure to do so from a device that’s been known and memorized into your history of logins.

Additionally, in order to stop Instagram from showing you this error again, consider activating two-factor authentication for your Instagram account.

Note: For some users, this might not solve the issue. This is due to Instagram not allowing your IP address to connect to their server. What you can do to fix this error is using a proxy server.

Another thing you can try, is switching to your mobile data if you’re using the WiFi, or vice versa, since a big number of users reported this fixing the problem for them. After switching the networks, your IP address will change, and it will help you to get back into your Instagram profile.

Accessing data on Instagram

According to users who have experienced the same issue, accessing your data on Instagram, and allowing the data to load, automatically fixes the ‘challenge_required’ issue. It might seem strange, but apparently these two are mutually connected.

To access your Instagram data, open your Instagram app, click on the button in the lower-right corner, and open the menu by clicking on the hamburger icon in the upper-right corner.

From the following page, open ‘Settings’, and then locate ‘Security’. Scroll down in the ‘Security’ feature, and click on ‘Access Data’.

After clicking on ‘Access Data’ you’ll need to enter your credentials, and wait until the data is being loaded.

After the process finishes, force stop the app and open it again.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app

As we mentioned, the ‘challenge_required’ error means your IP address has been temporarily blocked by Instagram. Therefore, a possible solution to this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the entire app after a day or two.

Since your IP address has been blocked, the error you keep receiving should be removed after a day or two, and by doing these steps, Instagram will have cleared all cache and data.

Additional info

Receiving the ‘challenge_required’ error does not necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong, or that someone is trying to get into your account. Instagram has millions of daily users, and bugs and errors such as this one are bound to happen on a daily basis. This may be a consequence to Instagram detecting spam, errors or bots that are not really there.

In case none of the above-mentioned solutions fixed the issue for you, your best bet is to contact Instagram directly, and follow whichever guidelines they send out.