How to Fix: Can't Find My Airbnb Listing

Written by Tijana - Reviewed by Ivana Shopping & Booking / Airbnb

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Airbnb is currently among the leading platforms used for property booking, with over 5.6 million listings available.

There are a lot of users that resort to finding a place to stay when they travel on their own, instead of going to a travel agency.

Hence, a lot of people that own properties, decide to redecorate them with everything an Airbnb guest could need, and list them on the platform.

However, with over 4 million hosts on Airbnb, it happens for some listings to either not show up, or you might even experience trouble finding your listing in the hundreds of places listed in your city.

Additionally, a lot of complaints started surfacing lately, with Airbnb hosts being unable to find their Airbnbs listing, which is never good news since it means no bookings will be made as a result.

If you’re one of the Airbnb hosts that had trouble finding their listing on the platform, you’re not alone. Since too many user complaints were placed regarding the exact same issue, we did some research and found out what the issue was and how to fix it, so check out the solution below!

How do I find my listing on Airbnb?

According to Airbnb, when you experience an issue such as this one, the first thing you should do is double-check whether your Airbnb listing was published in the first place.

The reason behind this is that when you’re putting a listing on Airbnb’s services, you need to enter all information Airbnb requires of you before the listing gets officially published.

There are two ways to check if your listing is published - either by looking at the 'Listing Stats' section to see how many views it has gotten or by searching for it using Airbnb's search filters and search bar.

Searching for your Airbnb using the Search filters

  1. Open either the Airbnb website or the app, and enter the name of your listing by typing it in the search bar.
  2. Enter days you have set as available on your listing.
  3. Choose the suitable number of guests according to what you set on your listing.
  4. Click on ‘Search’.
  5. If you still can’t find your listing, use the ‘Search Filters’ to narrow down the results.

Note: If you still can’t find your Airbnb listing, the chances of your listing not being published in the first place are quite high. In this instance, you’ll need to open the listing and make sure that all required fields have been filled in appropriately, and resubmit the listing again.

Airbnb’s ‘Snooze’ feature

Another thing you should check if you’re having trouble with your Airbnb listing is whether the ‘Snooze’ feature is activated.

You might have activated it accidentally, or Airbnb might have labeled your listing as ‘snoozed’ due to several actions that Airbnb considers as ‘mistakes’ - failing to meet response rate, accepted reservations, cancellations, and basic overall requirements.