How to Find Someone's Amazon Wish List

Written by Tijana - Reviewed by Emilija Shopping & Booking / Amazon

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Since Christmas is here, and the gifting season is officially open, another problem is coming to the surface - what to get your friends and family members for the Christmas holidays and New Year?

Luckily, since most of us use Amazon, and our wish lists are full, having access to your loved one’s Amazon lists would be the optimal solution for you to find out what to get them in the most important period of the year!

However, this does not limit you to only buying the perfect Christmas present - you can continue using this method for wedding registries, baby registries, and birthdays.

Thankfully, we did the research for you, and we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to look up and find your friends and family’s wish list on Amazon, and save you the trouble of overthinking what the perfect gift would be for the most important people in your life!

What is the Amazon Wish List?

On Amazon, you can store items you like in your wish list.

This is shown as a separate section, where your wanted items are listed. You can choose from a variety of designs (for those products that offer different designs), sizes, types, etc.

All items that you label as ‘wish list’ will be stored in the section we mentioned, which you can open at any time and purchase at your convenience.

There are no limits as to how many items you can put on the wish list. But if an item is on your wish list too long, the seller might run out of stock, or the item might get removed.

How do I look up someone’s Amazon wish list?

Having access to someone’s wish list will definitely put you on top as the best gift buyer, right?

Luckily on Amazon, you can access accounts lists, and you can purchase items off of their lists. Earlier, users were able to find someone’s wish list by typing in their name or email, but Amazon removed that as an option, probably as a safety measure.

So, regardless of if you’re miles away from your family and want to fulfill their Christmas wishes, or your friend’s wedding or baby shower is around the corner, here’s a detailed and updated step-by-step process of finding someone’s wish list.

  1. On the top of the screen, click on Accounts & Lists, or you can access it by opening Amazon Wishlist.
  2. Three options will be given to you: Your Lists, Your Idea Lists, and Your Friends. Click on the last one.

amazon your list

  1. After clicking on Your Friends, you will see a pre-made message ready to be sent to a friend. You can simply enter their email, and the message will be sent to them, that you’re requesting access to their Amazon wish list. You can customize the email by copying the message and sending it yourself to your friend’s email address.

amazon your friends list

  1. With Amazon’s new update, you won’t be able to fully surprise them by finding their wish list yourself and them not knowing. However, after a user has shared their lists, you’ll be able to access it again at any time from the lists page on your Amazon account, unless the user sets it to private again.
  2. Another amazing trick when shopping using Amazon’s wish list is you can actually filter their wish list. Some of the filters include title, date, price, purchased status, and priority.
  3. If you put some items in your cart, Amazon will send out notifications to inform you about discounts, or some amazing deals.

Additional tips

  • You can access your own wish list by clicking on ‘Your Lists’ instead of ‘Your friends’. You can allow your friends and family to have access to your own wish lists, so they can have a general idea of what gifts you’d like as well!
  • When buying a gift for a friend or family, after selecting the item from their wish list, under shipping address, select ‘Other’. This means Amazon will do the delivery for you if the user has set a shipping address.