How to Change the Link Sticker Text in Instagram Story

Written by Emilija - Reviewed by Ivana Social Media / Instagram

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Instagram's announcement that every user can add links to their Instagram stories, was exciting, to say the least. Since the social media network offers a wonderful opportunity for users to drive traffic to other channels such as their websites, users with fewer than 10,000 followers have long requested this feature.

So, Instagram delivered link stickers. Link stickers are the new swipe-up links that were only available for exclusive accounts up until recently.

Now, once users upload a story to their Instagram account, they can apply a link sticker by tapping the sticker menu.

Additionally, the social media network went one step further, enabling users to customize the link sticker's color and text.

In December 2021, the update was announced via Instagram's Twitter account, so if you missed it, no worries, this post will explain everything you need to know.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap in the upper left corner to upload a story.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon and find the link sticker.
  3. Add the URL and tap on the Customize your sticker option.
  4. Tap the Sticker text field and add your text.

The text will show instead of the link URL.

To change the link sticker color just tap the link sticker and choose from the available colors.

At the moment, there are only a few color options available, but the update is available to all users worldwide.

If you have trouble finding the newest customization option, check if you have the latest Instagram version installed.

Why is customization important?

Customization is a huge part of almost every app. Companies incorporate many features to help users receive a more personalized experience while using their apps.

Accordingly, Instagram is doing the same by implementing multiple customization options to its existing features. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for Instagram users to test if the newest update will drive more traffic and user engagement to their websites, or to their profiles on other social media networks.

The color-changing option is a nice add-on for making your Instagram story look more appealing on different backgrounds.

As the company explained in their blog post back in October 2021, link stickers are a chance for everyone to share stuff they care about with their friends and family.

However, there are still rules Instagram users need to follow in order for their profiles not to get penalized for breaking Instagram’s community guidelines.