Can't Refresh Instagram Feed? - Here Is How to Fix it

Written by Tijana - Reviewed by Ivana Social Media / Instagram

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We all use Instagram to view the newest photos and videos our friends have posted, follow trends, and explore new content. Now, followers are able to receive reminders about your Instagram feed posts.

However, our desire to find out what’s new on Instagram can be interrupted by the “couldn’t refresh feed” error message.

The good news is that this is not an uncommon message. Even though many Instagram users are still facing this issue from time to time, this error can be fixed and we will tell you how you can do it.

We've also created a video tutorial on how to fix if you can't refresh your Instagram feed. Watch it below:

Why ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ error occurs?

The “couldn’t refresh feed” error may occur as a result of many different things like:

  • Unstable internet connection/wi-fi or limited mobile internet data - this can cause Instagram not to download the latest data into your feed.
  • Outdated Instagram app - Older Instagram versions can cause different issues regarding the user experience like the inability to load the Instagram feed
  • The app cache is full - Full Instagram app cache can cause issues in the performance of the app including the inability to load the feed.
  • Your mobile data and time are wrong - It may sound weird but the wrong date and time can cause the “can’t refresh feed” error. This is due to the fact that Instagram syncs the date and time with the settings of your device.
  • Instagram has blocked you. - The social media platform monitors its users’ behavior all the time. And if it concludes that a profile’s behavior is inauthentic, they might block it.
  • Issues with Instagram’s servers - Instagram, Facebook, and What’s Upp have been down many times. In this case, there is nothing users can do except waiting.
  • Third-party apps - Automation tools and apps can be another reason for your limited “feed view”. Instagram is trying hard to fight the bots that automatically like and comment on posts in order to provide its users with as authentic and personalized experience as possible.

How to refresh your Instagram feed?

We mentioned several issues that might cause the “feed refresh” issue, so in this part of the post, we talk about the possible solutions that might bring your feedback.

First things first.

  1. Check your internet connection. You can check your internet connection by simply clicking on the wi-fi icon on your mobile or PC and see if the device is connected. Also, check your internet speed. There are many free websites where you can check your website speed, one being If this doesn’t work, try to restart your phone.
  2. Update Instagram or reinstall it. Go to App Store or Google Play Store and search for Instagram. Click on “update” in order to get the latest Instagram version available. You can also try deleting the app and reinstalling it again.
  3. Clear cache. To clear all the stored files, scripts, and images from Instagram you need to clear the cache memory.
  4. Set correct date and time.
  • For iPhone: Settings > General > Date & Time; Turn offset automatically; Choose time zone, date, and time.
  • For Android: Clock app > Settings > Change date & time > Set time zone automatically

5. Instagram block- This is usually a temporarily block by Instagram. In most cases, users should wait 2-3 days for their account to be brought back.

6. Disable third-party apps - To remove third-party apps click in your profile > settings > security > data and history > apps and websites > active > remove

Can I prevent this error from happening?

There are a few things within your power that can help you prevent this issue from happening. For instance, the first thing you can do is delete all the third-party apps and update the app.

As mentioned earlier Instagram may prevent you from seeing the newest content on your feed due to unallowed activities like automatically liking and commenting on posts. In order to avoid this penalty is best to keep your profile real and authentic.

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