Can You See if Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Among the photo-based social networks, Instagram is one of the most popular that is used by over a billion of active users.

The platform offers multiple features for sharing, editing photos, and meeting new people thus allowing users to express themselves creatively and expand their social circles.

Furthermore, users can open up to four Instagram accounts with one email address, so many people have multiple accounts, and some users are very secretive about it.

Interestingly enough, secret Instagram accounts are called “Finsta” accounts.

The word is a coinage of fake and Instagram and means Fake Instagram.

So, can you tell if someone has Finsta or a secret Instagram account?

You cannot tell if someone has more than one Instagram account unless you are familiar with all those accounts.

However, in this blog post, we will go through a few tricks that might help you figure out if someone has more than one account.

How to see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts

As previously mentioned, Instagram does not have any built-in functionality, nor does it have any indicators that might give people a hint that someone has multiple accounts.

However, if you're determined to find out if someone is using a secret account, you can use some of the tips below to try and discover if they are.


Googling would be the most obvious first step when it comes to digging up information about someone.

There is a powerful algorithm in the search engine that filters the content and shows you only the relevant results based on your search intent.

So how can you use this when searching for a second Instagram account?

Well, you can use an old trick that helps in finding out content from a specific website.

For starters, you can type in someone’s name and add: site: at the end.

Here is an example:

Jennifer Aniston site:

This way, Google will list all the accounts that contain Jennifer Aniston as their names.

SERP for Jennifer Aniston instagram accounts

Of course, to get more specific results and narrow down the selection you can add the last name, or a nickname you think someone might use all in the same search.

Here is an example:

Jennifer or Jenn or Jenny Aniston site: Instagram

Another thing you can try out is a reverse image search and see if the same images are posted somewhere else.


smartphone and coffee cups

Instagram offers a powerful search engine that lists all of the people who use the search query you type as their username or name.

However, in order to find someone’s second Instagram account, you need to think of every possible username one might use. Additionally, you can use favorite numbers, combinations based on your year of birth or underscores.

So, to try this out log in to your Instagram account via web browser and start typing in possible usernames someone might be using.

Note: Instagram allows users to block accounts and all associated accounts with the one they are blocking.

This means that if you select this option you will be blocking all the accounts one person has created with the same phone number or email address.

Third-party apps

There are multiple third-party apps that claim they can discover if someone has a second Instagram account.

Some of these apps require information like emails, first and last names. Nevertheless, you should use them carefully, as many of these websites are nothing more than scams that fish for personal information.


Unfortunately, you can’t see if someone has more than one Instagram account, nor how many Instagram accounts someone has.

The only thing you can do is try some of the steps above, which might reveal at least some information to you.