Can You Know When Someone Takes a Screenshot of Your Instagram DM?

Written by Tijana Kargovska Social Media / Instagram

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Social media is offering many means of communication, and Instagram is one of them. Instagram’s direct messaging feature is currently being widely used and is becoming the primary method of communication for many of its users.

So, it's logical that plenty of these users would talk about sensitive topics or even share images that they wouldn’t want to be reshared further on. So, the main question is, when will you be notified if a user you’re DMing is making a screenshot?

There is no fixed answer, it depends on what you would be making a screenshot of. Bear in mind that taking screenshots of conversations or even images that have been sent to you in confidence is highly unethical, and it’s not something you should use against the user who sent them to you.

Does Instagram notify when you make a screenshot of the DM conversations?

The short answer is no. Instagram does not notify if you make a screenshot of the chat as an entity.

Taking a screenshot of the text messages will not notify the other user, but there is a solution in case you want to talk about a sensitive topic and you want to make sure that the things you’ve texted stay there - disappearing DMs.

All you have to do is turn on ‘Vanish Mode’. Instagram rolled out this feature in September 2020, and the technical aspect is similar to how Snapchat functions. You can activate this feature by swiping up in the DM chat, or opening chat details and toggling on the ‘Vanish mode’ option or disappearing messages.

The chat box will change, meaning the chat history won’t show up anymore, and the chat messages will disappear.

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Will Instagram notify if you make a screenshot of direct photos sent in DMs?

Depends. Instagram will notify if you send a photo that’s labeled as ‘View once’, or ‘Allow replay’, these are the disappearing photos. The third option, ‘Keep in chat’, does not notify the users if a screenshot was made, and also does not disappear once opened. The other user will be able to scroll back and open the photo at anytime, unless you unsend the message.

Another option is sharing photos or videos from your photo gallery directly in the chat box as a regular message. The other Instagram user will be able to save this photo without you getting notified at all.

Where Instagram doesn’t send notifications if you take a screenshot?

Instagram won’t notify the user if a screenshot or a screen recording is made on a regular post, Instagram story, close friends story or highlights. Taking screenshots of reels or IGTV Videos is also a part of the -no-notification subclass.

Be careful!

Everything we’ve previously mentioned has a way around it, so we strongly advice you to be careful on what you say or what type of content you share with other users. A new manner of taking screenshots has come to surface, and the users don’t get notified. If you open the screen showing you all apps running in the background, you will see a preview of the screen of Instagram. If you take a screenshot of that screen, there will be no Instagram screenshot notification.

If a user does not do this, there is yet another manner of doing this with you getting notified. The good old taking a photo of the screen with another phone! There are many ways on how users can break your trust, so make sure you are extremely careful on all social media platforms!